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10 video game trailers that made us cry

Video games are among the most immersive forms of entertainment. People can get lost for hours on end in these amazing games which can either take you on the ride of your life or touch your heart with emotional scenes that put the lives and well-being of your favorite characters in danger.

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While most gamers would like to enjoy a video game in the purest way, there are some engaging titles that use the emotion of sadness to good effect. If you want to know what kind of title you’re getting yourself into, watching the game’s trailer is the best way to get a clue. With that in mind, here are some of the saddest video game trailers that have made people cry.

ten Halo 3

The end of Halo 3, in which John turns to Cortana as the Halo Ring explodes.

The Halo series has received some incredibly moving trailers over the course of its multiple releases. However, while most trailers can be categorized as epic, the Halo 3 trailer was more poignant.

Ideally, model soldiers and figures should appear out of place and somewhat comical. However, it’s a testament to the powerful and emotional storytelling present in this video that such a setting seems eerily compelling.


9 Weaponry of war

Promotional art featuring characters from Gears of War

The Gears of War series revolutionized the concept of third-person shooting when it was first released. However, it was the trailer for this game that generated a ton of hype.

Showing Marcus Fenix ​​against the ropes with Madworld playing in the background was a brilliant touch that added a ton of emotional depth to this short trailer. It instantly got gamers excited for Gears of War, which they really believed to be the new Xbox juggernaut.

8 Dead island

Dead island

Dead Island might not be the best hack-and-slash game out there. However, if there’s one thing to be said about these games, it’s that the marketing team certainly knows how to make hard-hitting trailers.

RELATED: The Best Fast Travel Systems In Video GamesThe way Dead Island shows how a happy family is destroyed by zombies is heartbreaking to watch. It’s easily one of the saddest video game trailers of all time.

seven Dead Island: Riptide

A gameplay screenshot from Dead Island Riptide

Dead Island wasn’t the only game in the series to feature a deceptive trailer that didn’t let players know anything about the game. That honor also goes to Dead Island: Riptide, which also had another family heading towards their doom.

After their boat is overrun by zombies, a couple decide to blow themselves up in order to choose how they die. It’s a dark and revealing trailer that shows just how terrifying the impact of a zombie apocalypse can be.

6 Crisis 2

Crysis 2 remastered

Most people consider the Crysis series to be nothing more than graphic masterpieces that take PCs to a new level. However, CryEngine’s impressive capabilities aren’t the only thing flaunted in these titles.

Crysis campaigns are also quite remarkable in themselves. The Crysis 2 trailer shows you the Ceph’s destruction of New York, with a heart-wrenching rendition of “New York, New York” sung in the background.

5 A story of plague: innocence

Plague tale amicia keeping hugo with a torch

Small studio games have grown in importance thanks to the platforms that allow these titles to gain a notable audience. A Plague Tale: Innocence is one such game, made by a studio of just 40 people.

The stunning graphics and fascinating history of the game make it look like a full-blown triple-A title. Its trailer showed just how brutal the atrocities of war truly are, with the rat plague adding another dark and ominous layer to the proceedings.

4 the last of us part 2

Ellie in The Last Of Us Part II

Considering the emotional roller coaster that The Last of Us put players through, it was obvious the second game would raise the bar in its own way. This is precisely what the trailer for The Last of Us Part 2 conveyed.

The dark song Ellie sings in the trailer stands in stark contrast to the bodies she left in her wake. Watching Joel approach to witness the carnage Ellie left before watching her is a powerful moment that shows just how twisted the world has become after the zombie apocalypse.

3 Final Fantasy 7 remake

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Cloud

While the Final Fantasy 7 remake doesn’t really have an emotional trailer on its own, that doesn’t matter to longtime fans. After growing up with Final Fantasy 7 and watching these characters evolve, it was a breath of fresh air to see this title modernized for a new generation.

RELATED: Video Games Where It Rains ConstantlyWatching your favorite childhood characters in a daring new light sparked tears of joy and made one of the most memorable E3 revelations of all time. While the reveal of the trailer might not have as much of an impact now that the game is out, most gamers still find it hard to believe that their wildest fantasy was going to come true.

2 Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

A screenshot showing Sully and Nate on bikes in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Most gamers consider the Uncharted series to be nothing more than fun frolics where Nathan Drake mows down enemies for treasure, and nothing else. However, given the emotional feelings Uncharted 4 was aiming for, it was clear that a new approach needed to be taken for this series.

The game delves into the emotions and motivations of the characters. A short trailer illustrates this brilliantly, with Nathan Drake seemingly looking for a gold coin at the start of the video… only for the camera to spin around and show that he was actually trying to save his brother instead.

1 Metro last light

Metro last light.  Artyom pointing his gun away.

The Metro series features a dark and brutal setting, featuring the remnants of Moscow after a devastating nuclear war. In order to show how depressing life on the subway really is, the studio released a spooky live-action trailer.

Watching the captain in this video take a kid to a safe space and let everyone die after a missile strike is truly scary to watch. It might not show anything in terms of gameplay, but Metro: Last Light does a brilliant job of showing the atrocities of war.

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