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15 Uncharted The Film Trailer Key Points That Are Reminiscent Of Video Games, And Three That Are Not Alike

The manufacturing Sony Photos and PlayStation Productions will bring the adventures of Nathan Drake to new audiences.

The making of the movie Uncharted was once an odyssey, a making that spanned over a decade in which we noticed admins and editors adjustments, tentative release dates that did not materialize, and a myriad of elements that made us consider the challenge a curse. After all, during the pandemic the movie starring Tom holland, Mark Whalberg and Antonio Banderas It has finished filming and rescheduled its premiere date to February 2022.

The day before today we finally saw the main trailer for the movie and there were certainly plenty of issues that left franchise enthusiasts thinking, direct references to video games and different problems enough confusing for those familiar with Naughty Canine video games via middle. It used to be his personal life Neil druckmann, co-chairman of Naughty Canine, who featured the trailer on the PlayStation blog and celebrates it during discussions with the film’s director, Ruben Fleischer, it was once said that this was once a movie that will attend every As many steadfast Uncharted enthusiasts as possible like those who they don’t know the franchise very well.

Here are some thoughts the trailer left us, some issues that may be equivalent, and some that aren’t as equivalent in Uncharted: The Film, regarding the video games he’s impressed with.

The plane scene from Uncharted 3 There were already a number of video game references that were expected to be Uncharted 3’s well-known airplane scene and the trailer gave us a glimpse of that. It’s probably the most direct connection to video games and one of the essential iconic moments in the entire saga.

Sir Francis Drake Ring

Sir Francis Drake Ring SIC PARVIS MAGNA. Sir Francis Drake’s hoop may not be missing anymore, an ancient character from whom Nathan took his last name and who in video games has truly perfect narrative weight to capture the origins of nature.

History books, maps and legendary treasures

Historical books, maps and legendary treasures In just about every sport, the journey begins with the investigation of a thriller. Here we discuss a boat with a treasure from explorer Fernando de Magallanes valued at $ 5 billion. Tables cluttered with historical books and previous maps move away from a feeling well known to sports fans.

The discovery of the wreck

The invention of shipwreck A few seconds of the trailer shows us Nathan Drake arriving at the cave where he reveals what appears to be the wreckage that hides the treasure that motivates his trip. The footage for this scene turns out to have come immediately from the General of a part of Uncharted 4.

Nathan Drake's wardrobe

Nathan Drake’s dresser From the first footage we noticed that whether or not we like Tom Holland as Nathan Drake or not, anything less than his dresser can be very much related to what we’ve seen in video games. Seeing it on the move in the trailer, there are shootouts that would be perfectly in the forefront of some of the video games or their promotional arts.

Tombs and torches

Tombs and torches At numerous events in video games, we’ve noticed Nathan Drake, Chloe, Elena, and Sully exploring tombs and dungeons. Seeing the characters in the trailer with torches in their hands, in tombs that hold traps and treasures, is an image that brings us back in an instant to the moments of exploration of the saga. And how do we get the pots crying to be broken out of your mind?

Key artifacts

Key artifacts One of the most important plot elements of the film is a key artifact in the scavenger hunt that drives Drake and his business around the world. In many video games in the collection, there are usually these kinds of artifacts that are the main treasure.

The speedboat ride

The speedboat experience For a few seconds, we noticed that Drake was using a boat in the trailer, which reminds us of using other cars in the collection. In particular, this scene is reminiscent of Uncharted 4, as you discover many islands using a speedboat.

Different villains, but with a few references

Other villains, but with a few references The nature of Antonio Banderas is probably the main villain, but while we don’t know if he’s impressed with a video game antagonist, it’s great to compare the credentials of different characters as a bully with what looks like to the jewelry Eddy Raja wears.

Rooftop hunting

Rooftop hunting The chases are also an indicator of the Uncharted collection and the trailer didn’t fail to watch Nate chasing Chloe off a rooftop, another scene which, while not an immediate reference to seconds away from the video games , this can be very well known.

An elegant party with stunts included

A sublime celebration with incorporated waterfalls In Uncharted, it’s not all about exploring tombs and distant places. The trailer also allows us to see the protagonists in tuxedos at a party that reminded us of a too matched second in Uncharted 4. They might no longer forget the stunts and that everything was given unattended.

A different origin story?

A special departure tale? We all know the Uncharted movie will mark Nathan Drake’s debut, but it’s not quite related to what’s been noticed in video games before. The trailer turns out that Sully and Drake meet while the young treasure hunter works in a bar, meanwhile in the saga of the online game that they once met in Cartagena, Colombia.

A "X" mark the spot

An “X” marks the spot What would Uncharted be without these clever riddles? Cleverly in the movie they don’t make you forget that in many events an “X” marks the spot and any sighting in a forgotten letter or relic can open a secret passage in a small chapel in a village. forget.

Treasure hunter

Treasure hunter Unlike Indiana Jones, Nathan doesn’t search for objects supposed to be in a museum … Reasonably enough, he turns out to be motivated by “fortune and fame”. And what greater fortune than to discover a chest filled with gold to the brim? The film no longer makes you forget that at the end of each thriller Uncharted awaits a treasure.

In each other's arms

In each other’s arms Fighting is essential in the video game movement, and the resemblance to what we’ll see in theaters is great. Tom Holland’s skill in bodily performances and movement scenes is sure to leave us with one of the film’s most memorable moments. It’s not all that will revolve around capture anymore.

Nathan Drake in search of his brother

Nathan Drake is looking for his brother In the saga of online gaming, it is until the fourth installment that we all know Nathan Drake has a brother and plays a very important role in the story. In the trailer for the film, we were told that the protagonist is looking for his brother, so he will have a plot very similar to that of the fourth name in the collection.

Where was Sully's mustache?

Was the place once Sully’s mustache? One of Victor Sullivan’s most salient features in Uncharted video games is his mustache. We have no idea why Mark Whalberg doesn’t bring up this trait anymore and there’s no doubt that these are just some of the things that don’t completely persuade enthusiasts of the best way the protagonists look. and act.

Where's Elena?

Is the place Elena? In the trailer we noticed Nathan Drake, Victor Sullivan and Chloe Fraizer, there were even such crisp references to Sam Drake. Otherwise, some of the main characters in the saga are unnecessary and we will wonder, where is Elena Fisher? Will it appear in the movie anyway?

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