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5 Things To Expect From The Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Trailer On June 1st

Tomorrow the Pokemon Company will release a new trailer for the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. As we don’t know much about these games at the moment, we are eager to find out as much information as possible. Here are five things to expect from the trailer, which airs at 6:00 a.m. PDT on June 1.

New Pokemon

Since we’ve already had our first look at the three new starter Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet, it’s very possible we’ll be introduced to some more new Pokémon in this trailer. Chances are we’ll at least get a glimpse of some of the Pokemon that will be found in the game’s early routes and find out their names and typings.

For example, in one of the early trailers for Sword and Shield, we saw Road One Pokémon such as Wooloo and Corviknight roaming the tall grass. We would love to see some new designs in this Pokemon trailer that we will encounter at the start of the game.

It’s also possible that there are at least one or two older Pokemon that are getting new regional variants, and they could introduce them in this trailer as well. Just as Pokemon Sword and Shield gave us Galarian forms for Pokemon like Meowth, Ponyta, and Zigzagoon, we might see some of our favorites getting new regional forms as well.

The name of the region

pokemon purple scarlet spain region

The region that we are going to explore in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is a new place where we have never traveled before. From everything we saw in the first trailer, it looks like the region is based on actual locations in Spain.

We can tell from the type of architecture in the first trailer, as it seems to be inspired by historical-Spanish architecture; Additionally, there seem to be places based on real monuments such as the Sagrada Familia and Plaza de España in Seville.

Although we can say that this new region that we are going to explore is inspired by Spain, we still do not know its name. It’s very likely that the new trailer will let us know what this new region is called, and maybe it will sound Spanish.

New gameplay gadget

pokemon sword shield dynamax battle

All recent generations of Pokemon have featured a particular gimmick to spice up the turn-based battle gameplay.

In X and Y, mega evolutions have been introduced to make battles more exciting. In Sun and Moon, Z-moves debuted to add a new layer of strategy to combat. And in Sword and Shield, Dynamaxing was the new gameplay gadget.

Scarlet and Violet will surely introduce their own new gadget to make the battles interesting. It’s pretty hard to guess what it could be, but we expect whatever it is, we’ll see it in action during the trailer.

Box Art and Legendary Pokemon

scarlet purple pokemon logos

In nearly every generation, the box art depicted the Legendary Pokémon that would be featured in each game: Gold/Silver had Ho-Oh and Lugia, Ruby/Sapphire had Groudon and Kyogre, Diamond/Pearl had Dialga and Palkia, Black /White had Reshiram and Zekrom, X/Y had Xerneas and Yveltal, Sun/Moon had Solgaleo and Lunala, and Sword/Shield had Zacian and Zamazenta.

We expect Scarlet and Violet’s cover art to also feature the main Legendary Pokemon from both games. In fact, it wouldn’t be surprising if there was a match for the two main Legendary Pokemon of this generation at the end of the trailer that somehow tied into the plot. This can help players decide which version of the game they want to buy.

Release date

It’s pretty much the time of year when Pokemon gets a solid release date. Typically, the main games in the series tend to release in the second half of the year, specifically November.

We fully expect that, at the very least, the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer will end with a game release window kicking off in mid to late November. It’s likely that The Pokemon Company already has a specific release date in mind and will choose to share it in this trailer.

Fridays in mid to late November are the 11th, 18th, and 25th, so these are potential release dates to keep in mind. Of course, The Pokemon Company could choose to change things up for these titles, and they could arrive in a completely different window. Still, we expect the company to share its intention to launch this next generation of Pokemon games in this trailer.

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