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5 things we learned from the new First Look trailer

2K Sports has released a “First Look” trailer for its upcoming video game NBA 2K23, which will be released on September 9.

Although the images generally showcase what’s new in the game, it’s no coincidence that the chosen clips are usually the ones with meaning behind them. And if you pay enough attention, you’ll realize the many little things 2K does.

I made sure to pay attention to specific player celebrations and emotions, as well as highlighted team or individual player matches. Or, in some cases, which are not.

Here are five things I found in today’s NBA 2K23 trailer.

ICYMI, the Golden Sate Warriors and Memphis Grizzlies played out a moderately fun six-game series, which saw the Warriors win en route to another NBA championship. The series was a bit choppy and players from both teams have continued to shoot each other to this day.

So, of course, 2K plays into this rivalry. In the trailer, you can find things like Ja Morant diving over Draymond Green, Stephen Curry doing his “Night Night” celebration after scoring on Morant and Ja hitting the Griddy at half court, among others.

Raise your hand if you woke up today expecting to see the Jabbawockeez. It’s been 14 years since the hip-hop dance crew won America’s Best Dance Crew. And, here they are today – still relevant, still popular.

I’m here for some cool dance moves. But it’s a video game, so I’ll probably get tired of it pretty quickly and end up skipping their scenes.

It takes a conscious effort NOT to include the back-to-back NBA MVP in any part of a minute-plus trailer. Very, very strange behavior, 2K.

Nikola Jokic may not be the ideal video game character, but let’s respect my man a little more, please.

The cover athletes for this year’s WNBA edition of the video game are Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi, and the folks at 2K made sure to get both in as many clips as possible.

Devin Booker is your NBA 2K23 cover athlete. Fittingly, he was all over this trailer. But what stood out was that in every clip, he was scoring on someone from the Los Angeles Lakers. No more 2K pettiness?

We only got a few seconds of Jimmy Butler in this trailer, and sadly, he didn’t appear to have his new hairstyle.

Unknown? Jimmy was rocking some new locomotives the other day in a practice session that went viral. Whether or not this is a funny off-season thing or something he’ll actually kick off the season with is unclear. But if it showcases its new expansions in a real NBA game, 2K better be all over the update!

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