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9 Reveals From The Lawyer Trailer

The MCU has thrived with its content in 2022, having recently released the mind-blowing psychological thriller moon knight and unleash multiverse chaos in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Marvel Studios is just beginning its wonderful adventures, with more to come in theaters and on Disney+, including She-Hulk, who just released their first trailer.

Marvel fans were thrilled with the She-Hulk trailer, as Emmy-winning Tatiana Maslany was cast as the strong, green superhero and lawyer. They’ve seen teasers of the character in the past; however, the official trailer offers more information about the up-and-coming superhero, including reveals about his backstory and additional character appearances.



Logo of She-Hulk Attorney At Law in the trailer

An unexpected revelation may be the extension of the Disney+ show’s name by not simply being She-Hulk but also by adding a subtitle, Lawyer. It’s definitely a catchy series name that doesn’t highlight the series following Jennifer Walters’ origin story as She-Hulk, but also emphasizes her alternate life as a lawyer.

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While Marvel Studios gets creative with coming up with title names for their movies and TV series, most early episodes of standalone superhero series are usually just the name of the superhero alone, like Black Widow and Iron Man. Subtitles are used for sequels to expand a superhero’s stand-alone story, such as Multiverse of Madness and Thor: Love and Thunder. The use of subtitles is practiced even less with MCU shows, such as moon knight, Lokiand Hawk Eye. However, the subtitle, Lawyerbrings a fresh twist to the introduction of a new MCU character, showing the equal importance of Jennifer’s complicated life as She-Hulk and a lawyer.

Jennifer Walters stands

She-Hulk dresses up for a party in the She-Hulk trailer

There have been glimpses of Tatiana Maslany as She-Hulk, including one showing the back of her costume. However, fans had yet to see Maslany fully don the super green heroine, especially his facial features, until now. The official trailer finally shows off Maslany’s first full head-to-toe look, including his sleek green hairdo, green eyes, and polished physique. This makes She-Hulk one of the most powerful versions of Hulk.

Throughout the trailer, She-Hulk gets plenty of compliments on her amazing features. It just shows a positive direction that beauty can come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, especially overcoming the stereotype of green beings as monsters. While the trailer doesn’t confirm what initially triggered his transformation into She-Hulk, a few moments in the trailer hinted that a car accident could have triggered his green abilities.

Jennifer ideally works in the Superhuman Law Division

Jennifer as a lawyer in the She-Hulk trailer

While the official trailer showed the first visuals of She-Hulk, it also gave a glimpse of her backstory. The trailer reveals her lifestyle as a lawyer, whether it’s having many friends or having a “demanding” job. A scene reveals that Jennifer’s boss appoints the young lawyer from the Superhuman Law Division.

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Of course, that seems practical, given his family history and the expansion of superheroes introduced to the universe. However, her work in this department may set the course of her origin story with incoming threats and her being a potential target.

The abomination is back


The trailer shows some scenes from Emil Blonsky/Abomination, confirming his appearance in the upcoming series. Of course, that makes sense since he has quite a history with Bruce Banner in The Incredible Hulk.

A few intriguing reveals from the trailer include the Abomination transforming into his human form as Emil and his more amphibious texture as the Abomination. Of course, his return was expected, given that the Abomination briefly appeared in Shang Chi at the fight club. However, it’s unclear if he’ll impersonate another villain and what contributed to his human physical form. The one thing fans know for sure is that Tim Roth will be reprising his famous role after first playing it 14 years ago.

Jameela Jamil as Titania

She-Hulk Titania's Lawyer Trailer

Perhaps one of the biggest surprises in the trailer is Jameela Jamil’s first look as Titania (but she doesn’t appear often). If anything, there’s a quick glimpse of the supervillain donning her costume.

This sequence shows that Titania probably breaks into a building. Instantly, fans could tell it was her due to her comic book counterpart’s exuding elements, such as red hair. However, as comic book fans might tell, Titania’s costume deviates slightly from what they’ve seen in the artwork as well, with the supervillain wearing more of a black and yellow colored jumpsuit and coat (instead of of a tight leotard that was purple and yellow).

Bruce Banner and Jennifer are cousins

This reveal may not be new information for diehard comic book fans, but casual fans find it surprising. But, indeed, Jennifer and Bruce Banner are cousins, which explains Jennifer’s ability to transform into She-Hulk.

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Bruce’s appearance in the trailer confirms that he will be one of the show’s great actors and that he will continue his presence in the MCU afterward.End of Game. Of course, the cousin duo will be interesting for the show, with some footage showing Bruce training Jennifer with his newfound powers and strength.

The Return of Smart Hulk

Hulk She-Hulk Trailer

Another shocking reveal from the trailer is that Bruce has maintained his Smart Hulk form ever since. Avengers: Endgame. Many fans know that this merger was due to Hulk and Bruce re-evaluating each other after both suffered a loss in Infinity War. Bruce eventually realized the Hulk was a cure rather than a curse, which led him to come up with this intriguing concoction.

Of course, observant fans found this interesting because, not too long ago, Bruce appeared in the mid-credit scene of Shang Chi in his human form. This inconsistency leads She-Hulk theories about where the series fits in the MCU timeline and whether Bruce can change between his human form and the Hulk as well.

Frogman ?

The frogman in She Hulk

Another quick preview from the trailer shows an unexpected figure dressed oddly like a frog. While it’s unclear who the mysterious individual is in the trailer, speculation has arisen that the person may be Frog-Man.

Based on the comics, Frog-Man is Eugene Patilio, the son of a B-list villain. He eventually took this opportunity to become a vigilante known as Frog-Man. Although his purpose in the series is uncertain, Frog-Man could serve as comic relief in She-Hulk (and given the dark turns in the MCU lately, a little humor would be a nice change of tone).

Premieres on Disney+ August 17

Jennifer transforms into She-Hulk in the She-Hulk trailer.

The most important revelation is the She-Hulk, and the trailer confirms that it will release its first episode on August 17 on Disney+. Of course, this comes after an unexpected leak a few days before the trailer was released which also confirmed the August 17 premiere date.

She-Hulk: Lawyer will come out after Ms. Marvel (premiering June 8) and Thor: Love and Thunder (in theaters July 8). Additionally, the Disney+ series will be one of the last MCU projects scheduled for 2022. The series will consist of nine episodes.

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