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A Tale Of Shadows Receives Launch Trailer


Hatinh Interactive and developer Monochrome have released Tandem: a tale of shadows this week with a new launch trailer. You can enjoy the game today on PC and all three major consoles, but to celebrate it the team is giving you another glorious look at the game to get you to try it out. You can enjoy the trailer below.

Credit: Hatinh Interactive

Tandem: a tale of shadows presents five magnificent Victorian-inspired worlds inspired by Jules Vernes, Conan Doyle and Tim Burton. Players must carefully alternate between the top-down view of Emma and the horizontal side-scrolling view of Fenton if they hope to escape these chiaroscuro dimensions alive, using the first lantern to cast shadows as the Teddy bear can walk through while the teddy bear activates switches that may be out of sight. As the duo traverse clever obstacles and looming horrors, they uncover clues regarding Thomas’ disappearance, the bizarre Kane family, and their place in this universe. Will Emma and Fenton escape the murderous mansion filled with twists and turns, or is their fate already sealed?

Discover playful and scary worlds inspired by Jules Vernes, Conan Doyle, Tim Burton and the architecture of the Victorian era. Solve over forty puzzles and obstacles to unravel the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Thomas Kane. Swap perspectives between Emma and Fenton. Light up the stage and cast shadows as Emma from a top-down view. Walk over the shadows cast by Emma’s Lantern from Fenton’s side-scrolling view. Players will face enemies and bosses resembling mechanical toys in each dimension. Since Emma’s strategy is not to attack, players must rely on their wits to move forward. Players are invited to experience creative and elaborate cutscenes. Smart fans will find hidden rooms that reveal clues to Thomas Kane’s disappearance. Push or pull objects to create shadows. Use alarms and traps to your advantage. Tandem offers a variety of interactive elements that players can experiment with.

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