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Airstream eStream trailer offers a sustainable travel future

Pioneers of off-grid living have revealed some electrifying news Air flow trailer. Called Airstream eStream, this new all-electric travel motorhome is built in partnership with its parent company THOR Industries. Although the eStream represents a concept and is not yet available for purchase, its idea is designed to help VR giant THOR Industries navigate towards a more environmentally friendly future.

The eStream concept caravan has been designed with a range of innovative features that promise to give you more control and freedom. At the heart of the motorhome is a power system made up of advanced high-voltage batteries, motors and controls that are connected to everything from air conditioning, electrical appliances, driver assistance motors and solutions. of connectivity without the need for a shore power connection. .

The RV trailer works with your tow vehicle and features drive-assist motors that actively move the trailer forward to maximize range and efficiency. Additionally, the eStream can also be independently unhitched and steered via your smartphone to remotely control the Airstream in any tight camping spot. “It’s a pain point that we hope we can just eliminate and we’ll save a lot of marriages with this product,” said McKay Featherstone, the brand’s vice president of product development and engineering.

all-electric RV

The eStream features an array of ultra-efficient solar panels and a skateboard-style chassis with two large batteries (similar to Tesla’s) that let you take your adventures even further off the grid. The solar panels are integrated into the roof and give you more than double the solar harvesting capacity of any current Airstream model with 900 watts of solar power from five 180 watt semi-flexible solar panels.

The concept trailer does not compromise on style. It features a modern interior that includes a color scheme of whites and blues. Appliances and stylish furnishings let you effortlessly utilize the small four-person space. Within the 22-foot floor plan, you’ll find all the comforts of home: a TV, an onboard tub, and all-electric appliances, including a cooktop, refrigerator, and convection microwave. .

Interior of the Airstream eStreamAirstream eStream accommodations

To integrate your modern work-play-live lifestyle, Airstream develops revolutionary connectivity solutions and digital resources for your connection to the online world. His hope is that you would be able to use a state-of-the-art signal booster that provides 5G connectivity and a Wi-Fi hotspot, which would enable lightning and HVAC operation as well as the access to breakdown and assistance services via voice commands. . Intuitive touch screens would allow you to monitor feed, water and waste tanks.

A smartphone app is also in development and promises to make trip planning easier while synchronizing information with eStream’s on-board systems. This system will work out a plan for you to maximize efficiency, range, load and accessibility.

Airstream eStream Travel Lifestyle

There are several ways to stay energized in the eStream trailer. You will be able to take advantage of the same circuit of charging stations that many electric vehicles use, which is a rapidly growing network that allows you to travel with electric power more than ever. This means more options on the road for a quick charge while stopping for a break, as more campgrounds, parks, truck stops and rest areas install electric vehicle charging stations.

The 22ft Airstream should fit into any standard vehicle charging point, allowing the tow vehicle and RV to quickly charge simultaneously while traveling. It aims for fast charge times (up to 80%) in 30-45 minutes, like most EVs today. The company also intends to design a Level 2 on-board charger to provide a full overnight charge on typical 30-amp camping outlets. And with the extra watts of rooftop solar power capacity, the eStream’s batteries will get a constant supply of solar power whenever parked or traveling within sight of the sun.

The eStream concept travel trailer delivers on the promise of being home on wheels, a place to stay comfortably while enjoying the freedom of sustainable travel.

The Airstream eStream concept trailer offers a future of all-electric travel experience.

Airstream eStream Concept travel trailerAir flow : Website | instagram | Facebook

All images via Airstream.

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