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All-aluminum ebike camping trailer makes the smallest, most intimate micro RV

The idea of ​​pedaling a bike camping trailer has always seemed too pressing for the juice – lots of weight and bulk behind the rear wheel for a small gain in comfort compared to a much lighter and more packable tent or hammock . But with the advent of e-bikes, towable bicycle recreational vehicles are slowly becoming a more attractive (and available) option. The latest is an angular one-person teardrop made entirely of aluminum and equipped with automotive motorhome standards, such as a solar-connected battery, electric command center, skylight, hanging crockery and table. indoor / outdoor.

With hordes of amazing and affordable motorhomes and small motorhomes, Europe has long been a world leader in compact motorhome design. And now that a different type of motor vehicle is becoming popular on the continent, it’s also becoming a world leader in designing an even smaller breed of RV: the bike/e-bike motorhome.

Flip the timeline back just two years, and we saw Germany give us the Mody tear and the Transformer Scout, while Latvia kicked a wild bike-boat camper. Throw it a few more years back, and you can count a two-person inflatable from Austria and a curved folding teardrop from Denmark.

We can now add another point to Germany’s tally with the launch of today’s topic, a solo trailer known as Fahrrad Wohnwagen “Martha”, brought to life by Wernigerode-based Maxmess Design. The name simply translates to Bicycle Caravan Martha, but we’ll keep it simple and call it ‘er Martha.

Maxmess says the Martha trailer could technically be towed via a regular non-motorized bicycle by a very fit cyclist on a relatively flat route, but it’s really designed for use with an e-bike

Max mess design

The design of the Martha trailer certainly isn’t as pretty or polished as the rounded Mody or Wide Path bike campers, but it’s optimized for practicality, not aesthetics. Maxmess admits the shape is just easier to make than a rounder teardrop.

Continuing with this theme, Maxmess chose a body length of 2m (6.6ft) so that it works more easily with standard 2m aluminum sheets while still supporting 195cm (77in) of interior length to accommodate the 193 x 76 x 7 -cm (76 x 30 x 2.6 in) mattress capable of sleeping an average sized adult. The trailer body also measures 100 cm (39 in) from floor to high ceiling, providing plenty of headroom.

What the Martha trailer lacks in exterior styling, it makes up for in its comfortable, feature-rich interior. While some bike camper manufacturers just give riders a set of walls and maybe a window or a table, Maxmess offers a better equipped tiny house. In addition to the included mattress, the Martha comes with a small electrical system with 30 Ah battery and 50 W solar panel. This battery powers the interior LED reading light, exterior LED taillights and front ventilation fan . It also powers USB ports for charging phones, flashlights, and other small electronics. There’s even a simple command center inside the door for users to turn on lights, adjust fan speeds, and access power readings.

The Martha trailer comes with an electric control panel and mattress
The Martha trailer comes with an electric control panel and mattress

Max mess design

Another practical feature borrowed directly from the world of automotive recreational vehicles is the indoor/outdoor table. It sits across the full width of the interior, supported by the wall storage cubbies, to serve as a dining table or laptop desk. Users can also attach the table to the outside of the trailer to hold a stove, French press, mugs or whatever they want.

Maxmess keeps the tiny solo trailer from feeling like a grave by fitting it with polycarbonate portholes on three sides and two skylights on the roof. The upper skylight opens for better ventilation. Fabric wall trim, on the other hand, provides insulation and a softer, warmer feel than bare aluminum. The lockable, strut-assisted drop-down door can be left open in good weather and serves as a small, built-in canopy, much like the tailgate of an SUV or small pickup truck.

Other thoughtful details include built-in straps and holsters to store included gear like coffee mug and utensils, four interior storage compartments, two externally accessible underbody storage compartments, clothesline , a carbon monoxide detector and even a weather station with indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity readings and date/time. Maxmess classifies the Martha as a three-season motorhome and says it’s working on a heating solution for cold-weather use.

Maxmess includes stainless steel pegs and clothesline for easy drying
Maxmess includes stainless steel pegs and clothesline for easy drying

Max mess design

The Martha trailer weighs 50 kg (110 lb) fully loaded and rolls on 24″ wheels that provide 22 cm (8.6″) ​​of ground clearance. It can carry a payload of up to 25 kg (55 lb). The trailer works with bikes compatible with a Weber E hitch and is 2.5m (8.2ft) in overall length including the tow bar.

Maxmess launched the Martha trailer this summer (northern hemisphere) and is currently offering it at a special introductory price of €4,450 (about US$4,550). This offer ends next week, and starting August 1, the price will increase to €4,850 (US$4,950).

This one-minute video shows the trailer for Martha.

Ausfahrt mit dem Fahrrad-Wohn-Wagen

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