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American Truck Simulator update 1.44 brings detachable flatbed trailers

SCS Software – dormant megahit developers Euro Truck Simulator 2 – announced that the upcoming v1.44 update of its fellow truck game American Truck Simulator will receive playable trailer types for the first time.

This will join an improved ability to find hidden routes in both American Truck Simulator (ATS) and Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS2). The so-called hidden routes will be much easier to find and explore thanks to their display on the world map.

A hatched orange line shows the hidden route, with a gray line showing the road left to explore. Handy, because these roads usually lead to something interesting…

American Truck Simulator 1

The new low bed trailers can handle heavy loads due to their low center of gravity, forcing the development team to design smaller tires, rims and hubs to accommodate the new models.

The trailers will be available in 48ft or 53ft configurations, with two, three or four axles – perfect for hauling huge items such as aircraft engines or heavy machinery. They will also have the following customizable elements:

  • Front walls
  • wind deflector
  • Warning flags
  • Aluminum boxes
  • Chrome boxes
  • side markers
  • Rear banners (long load, oversize load, wide load)
  • Rear bumper
  • Mudguards
American Truck Simulator update 1.44 brings detachable flatbed trailers

california dream

Along with the v1.44 update, ATS is also set to feature map reworks, with a California rework in the works. Much like ETS2’s Austria Rework that we talked about earlier this month.

Much like Ingolstadt and Linz, California will see special attention given to its network of bridges, with much improved Carquinez and John F. McCarthy Memorial Bridges. Toll booths – California is the only ATS state where they feature – and truck stops will also receive some attention and appear to be part of a process of constant improvement both on ETS2 and ATS.

American Truck Simulator 3 Carquinez Bridge

With further ETS2 map enhancements coming to UK road networks in the future, the virtual trucking community has reason to be excited, especially as ATS has updates from Montana and Texas to to come.

What are you most looking forward to in Euro Truck Simulator 2/American Truck Simulator? Let us know in the comments below.

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