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Angels of the Zariman expansion now available, gameplay trailer

Digital Extremes has released the Warframe: Angels of the Zariman expansion for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, and PC! The expansion delivers new weapons, story content, locations, and more in a massive new Warframe experience. Additionally, Digital Extremes shared a new gameplay trailer to show off the expansion in action:

Warframe developer Digital extremes invites players to shed light on the dark mysteries behind the Tenno’s origin in its latest expansion, Zariman’s Angels, available today on all platforms. Following the critically acclaimed events The new war expansion, Zariman’s Angels takes players on a haunting journey to the legendary Zariman Ten Zero – a massive Orokin colony ship once thought lost in the mind-bending dimension The Void – to confront their past and uncover the secrets lurking within its ghostly halls . Overgrown with lush foliage and lost in space and time, the Zariman Ten Zero is packed with intrigue, holding the answers to some of Warframe’s greatest mysteries and secrets for players to uncover. In addition to a new story quest, Zariman’s Angels brings Warframe players an exciting slate of new content, including Gyre, a graceful and electrifying new Warframe to master, and the new Chrysalith social hub where players can customize their very own Dormizone apartment, jump into three all-new procedural game modes , or interact with a variety of NPCs to further unravel the mysteries of the Zariman and gain access to Warframe’s new Incarnon upgradable weapons.

“The Zariman Ten Zero has been shrouded in mystery since Warframe launched in 2013 and we’re beyond excited to dive into its origins,” said Rebecca Ford, Director of Live Operations and Community at Digital Extremes. “Designing and developing the Zariman is a bit of a homecoming for us. We aim to be respectful of the over nine years of imagination players have had of what the Zariman is. Creating this environment using all the technology that we as developers have learned to use – seamless procedural missions, a new social hub, haunting enemy designs, and more – has been immensely fun.

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