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Apex Legends Saviors Gameplay Trailer Out: Reveals New Points Of Interest, Map Expansion, And More

We’re well into the final stages of Season 12: Defiance, which means it’s time for Apex Legends to release next season, Saviors. The coming season is set to introduce Newcastle players, the new Apex legend to join the games.

However, Newcastle are far from the “biggest” addition to the game as Season 13: Saviors plans to remodel Storm Point in quite a massive way. The new Saviors gameplay trailer showcases a number of new points of interest in Storm Point as well as a monstrous new addition to mix things up.

A prehistoric sea creature has come out of the seas and landed on the northwest coast. The new POI – Downed Beast is a high-level loot area that connects three rotations: North Pad, Checkpoint, and The Mill.

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Apex Legends Season 13: Saviors Will Introduce New POIs

The Downed Beast is one of Saviors biggest highlights and there seems to be a lot of upside to exploring the location organically. Inside the beast is a high-level loot area that can be explored by teams, making it a very good proposition to gather good loot at any time in the game.

Apex Legends also adds a new PvE point of interest – IMC Armories. These underground structures are accessible via a ramp that presents itself when players approach the POI. Activating the Armory will close and lock the ramp and initiate combat against multiple waves of Specters.

Apex Legends

Surviving Specters will provide players with a bunch of loot, which also makes it a great starting point towards the start of a match in Apex Legends.

Saviors will also be introducing a number of QoL (Quality of Life) changes to Apex Legends, such as a Global Tuning Pass to improve overall minute-by-minute gameplay. A new Prowler camp has been added to the Cenote as well as a cave to accommodate Prowlers in a new environment. Made hundreds of small quality of life updates to smooth out the player experience on the map.

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