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Apex Legends shows off Ash’s abilities in latest trailer


Respawn Entertainment today released a new trailer showing more of Ash’s abilities before she stumbles into Apex Legends. From the look and sound of this character, it feels like one hell of a killing machine. From what we see in the trailer, don’t be too shocked if Ash isn’t nerfed properly in the first couple of weeks. Enjoy the trailer!

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Known across the Outlands as a ruthless killer, completely unburdened by conscience, the new Legend Ash brings a familiar face to Apex games. Coming into the games on November 2 with the launch of Apex Legends: Escape, Ash is a mock pilot created from the woman who was once Dr. Ashleigh Reid and now she’s on a mission to remove any hint of weakness that was holding her back as a human. On November 2, Ash becomes the 19th Legend with the launch of Apex Legends: Escape, wreaking havoc at the Apex Games with its deadly powers, including:

  • Passive – Marked for Death: When an enemy dies, Ash will be able to see the location of his Deathbox on the map, which will allow him to identify where enemies are likely to go next; once she hits a death box, she can use her dataknife to find where the attackers are at that time.
  • Tactical – Arc Tether: Inspired by her former Ronin Titan, Ash will launch a spinning trap that will damage and tie up the first enemy that gets too close for a short duration. If the Arc Tether hits a surface such as the ground or a door, it will stay alive as a “trap” for a few seconds.
  • Ultimate – Phase Breach: Ash uses his sword to open a one-way portal to a targeted location. Once the portal opens, Ash immediately begins to walk through it, although allies (and enemies) have time to follow her.
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