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Apex Legends trailer reveals Bangalore’s past

Coming soon in “Stories from the Outlands: Gridiron”.

Image via Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment has just released a cinematic trailer for “Stories from the Outlands: Gridiron”, which is part of the Apex Legends Gameplay. This 8 minute trailer packs a punch with its storytelling, which was masterfully executed in such a short amount of time.

The trailer tells the story of Bangalore and his brother, Jackson, who are soldiers fighting for the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC). The story is presented to viewers primarily from a Bangalore perspective. I’m not going to spoil the details as I think the way the trailer unfolds the story will do it more justice. I can’t wait to learn more about any of the Apex Legendsfan favorite characters in an exciting, action-packed and somewhat bizarre presentation.


So far, a number of cutscenes have been released for the hugely popular free-to-play Battle Royale title, each containing their own reveal of what to expect in the game’s upcoming seasons. Apex Legends debuted in 2019 and is part of the equally popular Fall of the titans series of video games.

The gameplay of Apex Legends allows players to participate in different game modes to compete against other players. Its story follows the war between the militia and the IMC between different planets, called “The Frontier”, and the increasingly populated area of ​​”The Outlands”. This is not all, however. A televised bloody sport, Apex Games, takes center stage as it draws participants from the Outlands in pursuit of winning the game and claiming the title of “Apex Legend”.

Image via Apex Legends

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Apex Legends is perfectly in line with the main series of Fall of the titans. Players control pilots and mechanical titans as they battle the settlements of The Frontier. The series features various fast-paced actions with characters that all bring their own unique qualities to the gameplay.

Respawn Entertainment did not provide further details regarding Apex Legends’ next season, but the cinematic trailer is enough to get a good idea of ​​what to expect. Check it out below:

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