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Ara: History Untold Strategy Game Trailer

Ara: History Untold Strategy Game Trailer

A new game has just been announced that will delight fans of strategy games. Macaw: Untold Story was announced during the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase 2022. This game is a turn-based strategy game where players can play out historic moments and make them their own.

This game was developed by oxide games and they have been working on this game for years. As indicated in a article written by Michelle Menard (lead designer),

Ara has taken many years to develop, and the team can’t wait to share all the hard work they’ve put into the game with everyone and start a discussion with you about all the new features they’ve put in. hope you will like.

How does Ara: History Untold’s vision impact the player experience?

Michelle Ménard, design director @OxideGames: “We wanted to provide the means to make [strategy] more meaningful to the player… to impact the agency and allow you to express your values ​​through different mechanisms. pic.twitter.com/4sBG7piYkT

— Ara: Untold Story (@AraHistory) June 14, 2022

This game does not show the story exactly as it happened like in Civilization V. In the trailer for Macaw: Untold Story shows historical figures, places and times, these scenes are accompanied by a narrator who tells players that they can change history.

Macaw: Untold Story description, “Build a nation and lead your people through history to the heights of human achievement as you explore new lands, develop arts and culture, exercise diplomacy, and battle your rivals to prove that you you are the greatest leader ever.” This game will also allow players to explore different climates and locations.

Players can also build their own nation and develop their own culture for their people. Decisions made in-game will affect the nation’s future and whether it will still be standing at the end of the game.

players can become initiated for Ara: Untold Story. Becoming an Insider will provide players with benefits such as getting game development updates, the chance to be picked to play Macaw: Untold Story while still in development, and be able to give feedback to the team on the game.

Macaw: Untold Story will be released in 2023 on pc, and pc game press day one.


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