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Arceus gets a new gameplay preview trailer ahead of launch later this week

With Pokemon Legends: Arceus releasing later this week, Nintendo is releasing a six-minute preview trailer breaking down many of the game’s elements.


As the year begins promising a busy first quarter, Pokemon Legends: Arceus is the first big release of 2022 and sets a string of non-stop hits in motion through April. It is also a major moment for the Pokemon series, being developer Game Freak’s first new entry since 2019 Pokémon Sword and Shield, while also being the series’ first major attempt at an open-world setting. A lot depends on the game’s release, which should arrive later this week. To further excite fans of the game, Nintendo has shared a new six-minute trailer.


Not much Pokemon Legends: Arceus has been shown since its reveal in February 2021. The game is set in an early version of the Sinnoh region from diamond and pearl known as the Hisui region, and tasks the player with forming the first version of the Pokedex region. Instead of giving the player the traditional goal of defeating all Gym Leaders in the region while catching all of their Pokemon, Legends: Arceus instead emphasizes the task of simply catching and searching for Pokémon. In fact, not much of the game’s turn-based combat has been shown until this latest trailer.

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As the trailer shows, the battles in Pokemon Legends: Arceus will consist of players lowering the wild creature’s health enough to catch it, or bosses similar but not entirely comparable to gym battles. Most of the game seems to be spent finding wild monsters and learning their habits before trying to catch them, like something like monster hunter, just without the murder. As many have noted, many Pokemon Legends: Arceus‘ elements seem to be inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, such as the camping system and the environmental design of the world, with certain terrains indicating which Pokémon are present and the weather conditions influencing how they will interact with the world.

There’s a lot more unpacked in the trailer, like character customization, game story teases, the introduction of Special Pokemon, and more. These elements may want to be avoided by fans looking to be spoiler-free, as many parts of the game have now been spoiled in some online communities due to the game being leaked a few weeks ago. As the game prepares for release, spoilers are sure to increase, with review embargoes likely to lift in the coming days. The latest trailer gives a very detailed look at all the major elements of the game for those who are still on the fence or new to the game. Pokemon series.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus releases January 28 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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