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Augusta agencies discuss tractor-trailer removal as I-20 lanes reopen

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW / WAGT) – After days of mess checking, cleaning up, and lots of pull-ups and pull-ups, things are getting back to normal on I-20.

Near the state border, both lanes are now open again after a large platform left the viaduct and threw itself into the canal on Monday evening.

Getting things back on track took a lot of work for many agencies.

“It’s not everyday that you get a tractor-trailer in the canal,” said Wes Byne, utility manager for the City of Augusta.

Not every day and sorting things out is quite complicated.

“Visually try to see it, calculate what was on it, the weight, plus the weight of the water. Just take it out gradually and drain it as you do it, ”said Forrest Edwards, Chancey’s tow and salvage operator.

Forrest Edwards of Chancey’s Towing was on hand to help lift the tractor-trailer out of the water. Besides just figuring out how to hang it, they had to figure out what kind of chains to hang it with and they had to work against the grain to change the direction it was facing. But it wasn’t his first rodeo.

“Two different times with semi-trailers. Both charged, ”he said.

Yes, he remembers two times a semi-trailer landed in the canal.

“This one, luckily, was clay,” said Edwards.

Augusta Utilities agrees that we are lucky that it only hauls clay.

“We have kaolin all over the watershed, so it shows up, it’s just very – usually when you have a high concentration in an area, you can see it, and it’s causing concern to people, but it’s inert. “said Byne.

They took some precautions just in case.

“We basically closed the canal. So we insulated the doors to prevent water from entering and washing into the material around, ”he said.

But they started pumping water from the canal again.

“I think we’re very lucky in this case that it wasn’t any worse,” Byne said.

And as the highway opens and the water flows, we resume our usual activities.

As a reminder, we were told the driver suffered minor injuries which is a whole other blessing as well. We’ll keep you posted on I-20 traffic as always.

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