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Awesome games that have terrible trailers

Video game trailers are an effective way to promote upcoming titles. They aim to present a brief part of a game without disclosing too many details. Sometimes a trailer is terrible, but that doesn’t always mean the game will be the same. While it’s more common to see a great trailer for a terrible game, it’s not uncommon to see a bad trailer promoting an incredibly good game.

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A video game trailer needs to be exciting and informative to hold the viewer’s attention. If it looks bland or unfinished, so does the full title when it comes out. There are few things in the video game industry more surprising than a terrible trailer leading to the release of a fantastic video gamebut it is more common than you first think.

ten brutal legend

The trailer for brutal legend is amazing when it comes to the game he intends to sell. Unfortunately, the game released after its debut was totally different from what was promised in the trailer. The trailer highlights music and world exploration while ignoring the game’s most crucial elements.

It would be a great trailer if it featured brutal legend accurately, but unfortunately this is not the case. brutal legend works like a real-time strategy game, but the trailer chose to emphasize its cinematic nature instead. It features an entirely different game than what was released, misrepresenting what the game was.

9 kingdom hearts 3

The long awaited kingdom hearts 3 The reveal trailer created great anticipation for avid fans of the series upon its release. Unfortunately, this trailer didn’t show anything in the official version of the game.

The main purpose of the trailer was to promote excitement among the fans of the series, but that does not excuse the unfinished nature of the trailer. The gameplay mechanics featured are unfinished and in some cases purely animated just to promote the upcoming title. Although many consider it an epic comeback for the Kingdom Hearts franchise, this is arguably one of the worst trailers made for a great game. Square Enix acknowledged this when making the kingdom hearts 4 trailer.

8 Final Fantasy 15

Omen’s cinematic trailer for Final Fantasy 15 promised much more than he delivered. The game was basically a coming-of-age story intertwined with a love story, but the trailer led fans to believe it was the first. Final Fantasy history of revolving around a villain.

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The trailer featured a much darker story than fans of the show are usually used to. Its twisted premise was basically what created the hype about the game’s release, but sadly very little of that tone was seen in the game when it debuted. However Final Fantasy 15 is a great game when it was fully released, the trailer told the story of a whole different game.

seven The Emperor’s New Routine

The PlayStation trailer of The Emperor’s New Routine features a confusing group of images with interwoven scenes from the film. Those unfamiliar with the title will need a lot of concentration to follow what they witness, but luckily the video game isn’t quite as hectic.

The Emperor’s New Routine performed well despite the attempt of its trailer. It is known to be a faithful retelling of the film with the presentation of its universe and its characters. It also incorporates new elements that deviate slightly from the plot, while retaining the charm of the film. The trailer is a confusing mess, but the official game is a fine example of what a video-to-movie adaptation should be.

6 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

The Harry Potter The video game series is iconic for its conception of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and perhaps even more so for the way it lets the player explore it. However, the launch trailer for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix presents nothing about his exploration of the world.

The trailer mostly consists of poorly animated faces and obnoxious cuts. The only real obvious gameplay is briefly shown when multiple characters are dueling, but it’s poorly executed. Strangely, this episode offers even more exploration than its predecessors, but it’s unclear why the developers chose not to show it.

5 The Last Guardian

The launch trailer for The Last Guardian tells the viewer very little about the game, while revealing too much. Although this game turned out to be a masterpiece, the trailer nearly ruined it. Let’s hope genDESIGN doesn’t make the same mistake with their next title.

He aims to entice studio fans with the bold statement “First came ICO. So, The shadow of the colossus. And now a new legend is born.” The trailer then plays a combination of absurd scenes in which very little is said. It’s not until playing the game that the viewer realizes that most of these scenes contain huge spoilers. The trailer prioritized nostalgia and spectacle over the game’s plot, a cheap tactic. Luckily, the full game told one of the most tales of friendship ever. heartwarming moments in video game history.

4 Witch hunt

The gameplay trailer of Witch hunt does an amazing job of setting the tone, but a terrible job of showing what the game is about. It’s clear from viewing the trailer that this is a horror game, but aside that, nothing else is apparent.

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Any events that occur seem scripted, diminishing any possible shock or excitement value. The most engaging aspect of the trailer is the jump scare scream heard near the end of the trailer. Although it serves to define the element of horror, it is a cheap trick used to entice a potential buyer. Other than that, the trailer doesn’t offer much else, which further adds to the surprise felt when you realize just how well-crafted this horror game really is.

3 Animal Crossing: Wild World

The Nintendo DS trailer for Animal Crossing: Wild Worlda vast open-world game, does surprisingly little with the hardware it has. For those watching the trailer, it looks like the focus is on multiplayer capabilities. Sure, a multiplayer feature is enticing, but it reveals very little about what can be done in this game.

The trailer tries to lure the viewer in with empty feelings about relaxation, but there is very little evidence to back it up. Villagers, one of the game’s main selling points, are nowhere to be found. These missing pieces were all present in the game’s release, but it’s surprising how popular it has become given the unfinished nature of the launch trailer.

2 Until dawn

The launch trailer for Until dawn is a disappointing trailer for what made for a great video game. It focuses on the game’s various horror elements while only briefly introducing the multiple-choice approach required to successfully beat it. Reaching the best ending in the game depends on the player’s choices, but this trailer doesn’t explain it.

The trailer is packed with terrifying footage, but its fast pace makes it hard to absorb. It offers little story information in favor of poorly executed scares that require multiple views to lightly understand. Luckily, the full game has nothing to do with it.

1 Killzone 2

The E3 trailer for Killzone 2 chose to highlight its graphical upgrade as a selling point, but unfortunately the official game was nowhere near as aesthetically pleasing. The infamous trailer misled the show’s once-hopeful fans into believing Killzone 2 would be nothing less than a visual masterpiece.

Although this trailer failed to present Killzone 2 with precision, the end product turned out to be surprisingly successful. It’s a great addition to the cyberpunk and sci-fi genres, despite its trailer’s attempts. If the developers chose to promote the game’s story and combat over the graphics, it might not be as frowned upon as it is today.

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