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Beatles unveil dramatic new trailer for ‘Get Back’ documentary

Judging by the first images released of the Beatles’ upcoming documentary “Get Back” – created by “Lord of the Rings” director Peter Jackson from the 50 year old footage of the swan song of the group “Let It Be” movie – it would be a counter-narrative of the depressing film “Let It Be”. Where this movie described the band’s breakup, “Get Back” would feature a counter-narrative, where we saw the same Beatles in a much more cheerful and cheerful MopTop mode, familiar from “Hard Day’s Night” and the band’s early years. (See that previous trailer and read Varietyit’s here.)

But the new trailer released Wednesday (October 13) lets in some of the resentment of the original “Let It Be”, incorporating the original idea for the film and album – with the band writing and recording new ones quickly. songs and leading up to a concert – in a very reality TV-informed way: “The Beatles have less than three weeks to write and record a new album,” reads a chyron in the four-minute trailer. We then see the group grow more and more anxious, impatient and frustrated as the deadlines pass, and then finally grow stronger (the unwritten subtext being that they came together stronger for a few more months and then came together. are separated forever).

“Get Back” – which has gone from a feature film to a six-hour series – is part of a giant retrospective campaign around the final chapter in Beatles history, incorporating this documentary, an expansive six-CD box set arriving this Friday (October 15) and a gigantic tabletop book that captures all the best dialogue from the hundreds of hours of footage recorded in January 1969.

This is a bonanza for the fans, more than most of us could ever wish. And while the end results may not be perfect for everyone, to paraphrase Paul McCartney’s response to the “White Album” review in the 1990s “Beatles Anthology” series: a lot of that. What do you mean? It was great, it sold out, it’s the damn Beatles – shut up!

The Beatles’ Get Back will take place in approximately two-hour increments over three days, November 25, 26 and 27, 2021, exclusively on Disney Plus.

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