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Blade and Sorcery update 10 trailer reveals new Dungeons mode

Blade and witchcraft has released an official trailer for Update 10, featuring the long-awaited dungeons update. In the trailer we see some of the new environments that will be introduced in the sandbox game.

We can immediately see some of the new dungeons that will be in the update during the trailer. We then see player action removing what appear to be guards in various ways. This includes taking them out with various weapons, throwing them with your magic, and even diving with one to knock them down for you. At the end we see a bit of parkour as the player tries to swing between the lamps and the player has a drink with a chicken that appears to be their pet.

Blade and witchcraft

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Blade and witchcraft is a sandbox game set in a medieval fantasy designed for virtual reality. Although the game does not feature any type of story, you can hold back waves of enemies using sword, magic, and ranged combat. The game takes full advantage of realistic physics, which means the hitboxes are accurate for collisions, objects have the right weight, and the blades can penetrate soft materials and deflect magic.

While Blade and witchcraft was released in 2018, it is still in the early access period and is still actively updated to include new features. WarpFrog intends to keep updating the game even further, with a plan to add interactive items, looting, and an inventory system in Updates 11 and 12. They also plan to add interactive items, loot, and an inventory system. ‘add stores to purchase equipment, as well as the ability to equip armor. and even use a skill tree.

Update 10 for Blade and witchcraft will launch on October 24, 2021. The game is available on Steam, but requires an Oculus Rift VR bundle to play. Check out the game’s trailer below:

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Desert Power, guys. Power of the desert.

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