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Blue Lock Anime Story, Trailer, Plot, Cast and Everything You Need to Know

Many fans had anticipated the introduction of one of Kodansha’s most beloved anime versions of a manga, and 2021 has finally brought it. According to its description, Blue Lock is inspired by the fiction of Muneyuki Kaneshiro and the illustrations of Yusuke Nomura. Published by Kodansha and featured in the Weekly Shonen Journal, the manga was an instant hit. After a successful start in August last year, it has been running continuously ever since.

Blue Lock anime’s narrative is well developed. The panels themselves are attractive, but it’s the introduction of new characters that makes them that much more intriguing. As the title suggests, football is central to the plot of Blue Lock. The manga’s graphic design has long been considered one of the best in the industry. Blue Lock is a typical sports anime in that it focuses on growth, change, and obstacles.

Here’s everything we know about it.

Blue Lock anime release date

The release date for the “Big Lock” anime has been set for August 12, 2021. Eight Bit is rumored to be the studio behind it. There was no word from the producers on when or who would clear the animation for worldwide release. But it was announced that the program would debut in the middle of 2022.

Blue Lock Anime Conspiracy

Jinpachi Ego, an intriguing coach, is hired by the Japan Football Federation to form a World Cup-winning team. The Blue Lock is a venue that Jinpaichi hopes will bring together the best attackers in the world to battle it out. The forward position in the squad he is building will go to the last man remaining. Those who don’t make it to the striker position must also meet another requirement. They will no longer be allowed to represent the team.

Yoich Isagi, an attacker, is our main character. However, he harbors resentment towards himself for failing to bring his high school football team to the national championships. He enters the Blue Lock to become the world’s best hitter in his heart, plagued by regrets and lingering thoughts of “What if?”

Actors of the anime Blue Lock

To bring their characters to life, the anime chose only the greatest voice performers in the business. Yoichi Isagi is played by Kazuki Ura. One of Kazuki Ura’s first jobs in the profession is included in this feature. Another new singer, Tasuku Kaito, lends his voice to Meguri Bachira. Rensuke Kunigami will be voiced by Yuki Ono (Kuroko no Basuke) and finally, Saito Soma will voice Hyoma Chigiri.

Tetsuaki Watanabe and Shunsuke Ishikawa are the co-directors of the Blue Lock series. Yutaka Uemura and Maneyuki Kineshiro, the lead manga writers, are the manga idea advisors for Taku Kishimoto’s anime storyline. The main character concepts are drawn by Masaru Shindo, who is also the lead animation supervisor. Kento Toya and Kenji Tanabe are in charge of creating the rest of the roles.

There are still a lot of unknowns regarding the anime. These specs are unlikely to change anytime soon due to its expected launch date of 2022. It may be some time before this information becomes public. You can still read the original manga from licensed sites like izneo while you wait.

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