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Bring a Trailer Deal of the Week: 2015 BMW i8

Used supercars are definitely not your average used car, but some are surprisingly expensive. Whether it’s the march of technology or changing tastes, depreciation can bring things like Bentleys and Aston Martins within reach of mere mortals. But despite having lost value, these used Exotics often still feel Exotic. And even today, few capture that philosophy better than this week’s. Bring a trailer good deal: a 2015 BMW i8.

Its hybrid technology has lost the performance race, but the 2015 BMW i8 still looks like the future

BMW i8 2015
Engine and engine layout Mid-mounted 1.5-litre “B38” three-cylinder turbocharged engine with synchronous electric motor and front-mounted synchronous electric motor
Power (combined) 357 hp
Torque (combined) 420 lb-ft
Gearboxes Six-speed automatic (for mid-mounted engine and motor)
Two-speed automatic (for front-mounted engine)
Battery capacity 7.1 kWh (gross)
5 kWh (usable)
Maximum battery range only 23 miles
Unloaded weight 3455 pounds
0-60mph time EV mode: 9.2 seconds (Car and driver)
Hybrid mode: 4.2 seconds (claimed), 4.0 seconds (Car and driver)

It debuted for the 2014 model year, but the BMW i8 remains an incredibly futuristic supercar. And yes, it’s a supercar, a hybrid supercar at that. True, it has a three-cylinder engine and less than 400 hp. But that engine is mounted in the middle of BMW’s first production carbon fiber chassis. Plus, its tri-motor configuration gives it AWD. Also, take a look at the butterfly doors. And how many supercars do you know that have three-cylinder plug-in powertrains?

Unfortunately, while the BMW i8 felt futuristic in 2015, it felt anachronistic in some ways when it left production in 2020. Although BMW increased the power and battery capacity of the i8 in 2019, the supercar couldn’t keep up with Tesla’s Plaid electric vehicles. Not just in terms of technology, but also in terms of raw acceleration. Moreover, even before the Model S Plaid could overtake it, the i8 was struggling to sell due to its six-figure price tag. And so, BMW’s hybrid experience ended up falling flat in style.

However, while it’s not quite fast, a 2015 BMW i8 can still do four-second runs from 0 to 60 mph. Plus, there’s no need to search for public chargers with this supercar; the battery charges in Sport Mode, Car and driver said. Additionally, the carbon fiber chassis and integrated battery give the i8 excellent balance and handling. And despite his wild style, he has high visibility. Plus, the seats and ride are comfortable, especially around town.

So, although it is not an electric vehicle, a used BMW i8 is still a real supercar.

Discover this single-owner model on Bring a trailer

A mileage of 47,653 miles might give some supercar owners pause. But that’s not unusual for a 2015 BMW i8 like this one. Bring a trailer. As stated earlier, these are Exotics to be driven daily. And this i8 doesn’t look any worse for its “wear and tear”; This one-owner car is in very good condition and has a zero accident history.

It is also a well-equipped example. In addition to leather upholstery, this 2015 BMW i8 features a color head-up display, 8.8-inch digital instrument cluster, 8.8-inch touchscreen with navigation, heated front seats, LED lighting, dual-zone automatic climate control and a Harman Kardon Surround Sound System. It also has ADAS features, including adaptive cruise control, parking sensors and BMW’s Active Driving Assistant. Plus, adaptive suspension, auto-dimming mirrors, cornering lights and even a leather engine cover.

Besides the clean history, this 2015 BMW i8 also has extensive service records. The owner replaced the windshield last year as well as the spark plugs and microfilters. They also changed the brake fluid and oil at the same time.

Is a used BMW i8 a reliable hybrid supercar?

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As of this writing, this 2015 BMW i8 is listed at $30,250 with four days remaining in the auction. It should be noted that it was originally $148,295. Thus, in seven years, it has lost almost 80% of its original value. Also the cheapest pre-update i8 with similar miles currently listed on Autotrader costs more than double. In short, this is a cheap used hybrid supercar.

Admittedly, even a deprecated i8 was originally a six-figure BMW. So, potential bidders should get a pre-purchase inspection to identify potential issues. However, these seem to be quite reliable, at least for supercars. So far, the only major problem with the B38 seems to be carbon buildup, which often plagues many direct-injected engines. In addition, this i8 dates from September 2015, so it is not affected by the sensor recall.

As such, this used BMW i8 could be a great way to get some sleek hybrid supercar styling at a fraction of the original price.

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