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Bucchigire Original Anime Announced With Trailer, Premiere Date July 2022

A new original anime titled Bucchigire was announced with a trailer and a visual. It is scheduled to premiere in July 2022 in Japan.

Set at a time when samurai ruled Japan, Bucchigire follows seven criminals chosen to be the doubles of the Shinsengumi. Core staff includes Tetsuo Hirakawa (YU‑NO: a girl who sings of love at the limits of this world director) as a director and composer of series, Hiroyuki Takei (shaman king mangaka) as the original character designer, Yokota Masafumi (At a glance animation director) as a character designer, and Toshie Kawamura (Cure Good Pretty Cure: GoGo! Big transformation! The city of Dreams !! co-character designer) and Naho Kozono (Golden Kamuy 3 co-designer of secondary characters) as secondary character designers.

Other staff include Sachiko Nishiguchi (Kemono Jihen) as artistic director, Haruko Nobori (The Distant Paladin) as color designer, T2studio’s Nozomi Shidara (How not to summon a demon lord Ω) as director of photography, and Yasuharu Takanashi (Taisho Otome Fairy Tale) as a music composer. Geno Studio is the animation production studio.

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Sources: TWIN ENGINE YouTube channel, @Bucchigire

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