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Bungie Unveils New Trailer and Details for Destiny 2’s Haunted Season

Destiny 2’s seventeenth season is on its way, and Bungie has finally decided to send players back to the Leviathan megaship. Only this time things are going to be different. The ship players will now encounter is “corrupted” as part of Calus’ plans to serve darkness – which involves communing with the sleeping pyramid on the moon. Of course, we all know where this is taking us. It’s time to stop it.

As part of their mission to stop Calus, players will revisit familiar, yet different locations. They will also cross paths with “Nightmare” demons. It seems that these demons also include the confrontation with the past. Face dead fire crews and dead lovers. Nightmare battles will take place in Leviathan and will be available to all players.

On the other hand, a paid seasonal activity is also available. Titled Sever, this activity takes players into the belly of Leviathan to learn more about Calus’ plan and take control of the Nightmares away from him.

With all this moon talk, it should come as no surprise that some moon-themed rewards are also available in this update. According to Forbesthere’s even Ghost Rider-like armor for players to pick up.

Along with the reveal came a teaser trailer, so those of you looking to catch a glimpse of the new season can take a peek below.

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