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Business Briefs: Trailer Producers Booked Until End of Year, Black Hawk Helicopter Contract Extended, Last Mile Completed

A quick overview of news from many industries from industry week numerous publications of parent company Endeavor Business Media.

To AviationPros, editors detail GKN Aerospace and Sikorsky’s contract extension to supply high-tech composite parts to fly the Black Hawk military helicopters.

Trailer orders fell in Junebut the industry expected that, as most producers had already closed their order books, with capacity to build more units full for the rest of the year, Trailer builders/body builders reports. Analysts say 2022 is shaping up to be a banner year for long-haul trailer systems.

Cristina Commendatore, editor-in-chief of our partner publication Fleet ownerdetails tire changes needed to support all those Amazon, UPS, FedEx, and private package delivery trucks clogging the roads these days.

Last year, the FCC ordered communications networks to replace equipment made by Chinese manufacturers Huwei and ZTE and replace it with routers and switches from more reliable vendors. The agency offered $1.9 billion to fund the transition, but the publishers of light wave say it will not be enough. The FCC now says the the replacement program needs an additional $3 billion.

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