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Chucky Season 2 Trailer Teases Glen/Glenda Reveal

After teasing a Glen/Glenda reveal for an entire season, the Chucky Season 2 trailer finally gives fans their first look at the killer twins.

The trailer for chucky season 2 confirms that Glen/Glenda will make their entrance as human teenagers. The series acts as a continuation of the film franchise, picking up where 2017 Cult of Chucky leave behind. The Killer Doll Twins’ Return Has Been Teased Throughout chucky season 1 with Chucky references to his “queer and gender fluid child,and a mention of Tiffany’s “delicious» the bomb that his daughter gave him. It was previously revealed that the two twins would be played by Chilling Adventure of Sabrinais Lachlan Watson.

The staple Syfy screened at Comic-Con this weekend shows the survivors of chucky season 1 adjusting to life at their new Catholic school. It’s quickly revealed that Chucky isn’t done terrorizing them: he strangles a priest with a metal chain, attacks one of the school’s nuns, and calls Jake (Zackary Arthur) to let him know that he and his friends are next. Meanwhile, Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) welcomes Glen/Glenda with open arms after they stop by her house sporting a “THEY THEM” numberplate. Watch the official Season 2 trailer below:


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It remains to be seen how prominently the twins will be this season, but bringing them onto the show as humans is already a faithful start. Critics and longtime fans have been praised chucky season 1 for keeping the films’ meta-campaign and its commitment to featuring plenty of originals Child’s play vets, including Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent) and Nica (Fiona Dourif). Don Mancini set out to create a series that honored his horror classic rather than opting for a loose extension of a popular franchise. If he sticks to that, it’s safe to say thatchucky season 2 will be worth listening to on October 5th.

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