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City of Spencer declares trailer park uninhabitable

Spencer, IA (KICD) – A letter to the owner and residents of the trailer park at 317 West 18th Street in Spencer says the Planning Department has deemed the property uninhabitable and must be vacated. The original deadline was July 5, with planning director Alec Schulz granting a one-week extension. Margaret George attended Tuesday night’s council meeting to say she and 35 other families have nowhere to go.

Schulz says the problem started when SMU noticed a main power line a few feet off the ground. A closer inspection – he says – revealed other electrical problems.

Schulz says city workers also documented two piles of raw sewage, dilapidated buildings, and doors and windows meant for fire escapes that were closed.

Councilman Ron Hanson feels the planning department is demanding solutions that are too expensive and not giving owner Bill Caskey enough time.

But two council members came to the staff’s defense. First: Tom Nelson.

Councilman Brian Balk also explained to Ms. George that Schulz was doing his job enforcing the code that is on the city’s books.

Mayor Steve Bomgaars said there will be air-conditioned trailers at the fairgrounds across the trailer park intersection for the next four days with representatives from Upper Des Moines Opportunity, Elderbridge, Community Housing Initiatives and Seasons available to try and help caravan residents. park find another shelter.

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