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Common’hood Releases Gameplay Trailer For Developers

After the game’s warm reception at the recent Summer Next Fest, Plethora Project has released a brand new development trailer for its community building game Commonhood. The game itself is looking to become available later this year, and this hands-on gameplay trailer really breaks down the ins and outs of this wonderful little community game.

Take a look at the development trailer below to see what we mean.

What is Commonhood All About?

As we said, Common’hood should be launched towards the end of the year. This community building game has a single player mode, but it’s all about the multiplayer experience; it will provide a four-player cooperative extension of the game’s sandbox environment. Common’hood forces players to work together in perfect harmony, aiming to craft incredible creations as one big community.

Players will find themselves in an oppressed, seemingly abandoned factory. Being explored, however, this factory is inhabited by a small community of people who have seen better days. Players must work with residents to help build a better future for all. Common’hood lets players grow food for everyone, encourages your creativity with its design features, and lets you be the figure everyone feels comfortable with.

As the story progresses, you will be able to connect with other residents, forging stronger bonds with each other. It is important to know how you treat the residents of commonhood; you are in the same boat as them.

Some of the main features of Fey for Common’hood are:

  • Take care of the settlers, bond and help them feel like an essential part of the community
  • Grow self-sustaining food sources from a variety of crops, giving access to a variety of recipes to cook
  • Highly detailed construction tools allow players to freely control their factory. Crafting shelters, workshops, and even high-tech manufacturing facilities
  • As you dig and explore, learn more about the factory and how it was abandoned.
  • Bring friends and design and build together
  • Share unique designs with the online community

Be sure to stay tuned for more information regarding Commune, this delightful little community building game is coming Steam.

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