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Community intervenes after teenager’s company trailer is stolen

By Spencer Blake

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MESA, Arizona (KPHO) – AZ Sunworkers has been a growing business since August 2020, when Austin Anders, then a junior at Desert Ridge High School, started the business with a friend to earn money and stay

I have time for homework and soccer practice.

“The landscaping was mostly the thing, and as we went along we just kept going and kept doing it all,” said Anders. Eventually, they added other services like garbage removal, transportation, moving and even minor construction projects.

Anders’ mother Tanya Goulet was impressed when her son had enough income to buy a trailer for his business in February. “This kid has been just a hard worker from the day he was born. So I’m a proud mom, ”she said.

Even Anders’ English teacher Kaelin Williams hired his company for weed control in his front yard. “They are just well-behaved and respected boys. I had no problem getting them to come to my house, ”said Williams.

After Anders and his crew completed a garbage collection job, their $ 2,000 trailer was so full that it would no longer fit into the garage where they normally park it. They parked it outside in a neighborhood near Queen Creek and Gilbert Roads, and by Tuesday morning the trailer was gone. “I was speechless. I was just broken,” Goulet said. “My heart was just broken for them all.”

The trailer was also full of around $ 1,000 of tools that AZ Sunworkers had amassed over the months, like extension cords, power saws, hammers, a hand truck, and more. Despite the loss, Anders didn’t panic. He filed a police report and immediately began renting trailers so they could continue to work. “I didn’t want to have to cancel clients and everything and create a bad reputation,” he said.

“He had a good head on him and he was like, ‘We’re going to work through this and figure that out,” “Goulet said. “He turned such a negative into a positive!

Since then, customers and neighbors across the East Valley have seen his Facebook posts and donated over $ 1,600 to his GoFundMe campaign. Meanwhile, an official at a Valley Lowe’s contacted Anders to donate new tools to replace some of the stolen ones.

“It’s amazing just to know that you have the community behind you,” said Anders. The Chandler Police Department says the case is on hold for the time being because investigators have no description of a suspect.

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