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Court Of Fey & Flowers Season Trailer Revealed


Today, Dropout.tv announced Dimension 20: A court of fairies and flowersan all-new 10-episode real-game TTRPG series led by Game Master Abria Iyengar and featuring players Surena Mary, Oscar Montoya, Omar Najam, Brennan Lee Mulligan, Lou Wilsonand Emily Axford.

Source: Discontinued Television

The first episode will debut Wednesday, August 3, 2022 at 7 p.m. ET / 4 p.m. PT on Dropout.tv, with new episodes launching weekly. Romance, fashion and passions overflow in A court of fairies and flowers, which follows the archfey of various courts of Feywild as they gather to celebrate the Blossom – a tumultuous event honoring the wave of magic felt throughout the realm. But secret identities, hidden agendas and invisible bets threaten to upend the celebration…

A court of fairies and flowers marks the return of Iyengar as Game Master of Dimension 20, after serving as GM for Misfits and Magic and The Misfits & Magic Holiday Special. This season’s cast includes returning players from previous seasons – Mulligan (Misfits and Magic), axford (A starry odyssey), and Wilson (A starry odyssey) – plus new players in the dome for the first time: Married (Waterdeep Rivals), Montoya (Naughty), and Najam (power play).

This season was shot in person, and the story does not take place in any other universe within Rating 20. It is not planned to go out A court of fairies and flowers free on YouTube right now. Faith Schaffer is the character illustrator for this season. Judging by the trailer, a lot is in store for fans. This season’s decor and look design transports us to a whole other world, making us want to escape to a cabin in the enchanted woods of our dreams. Let us know in the comments below if you’ll be watching and what excites you about what’s to come!

Dimension 20: Court Of Fey & Flowers Season Trailer Revealed
Source: Discontinued Television
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