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Disappointing games that have amazing trailers

Nothing creates as much anticipation and hype as a reveal trailer for a new video game. Whether it’s an existing franchise awaiting a new entry or a brand new franchise. Cinematic trailers are brilliant at engaging audiences and teasing them about what may soon be in their hands.

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However, some games take their trailers too far and give audiences what is more of a great cinematic experience than a fun game. There’s nothing more disappointing than witnessing a gorgeous, cinematic-quality trailer, only to play the game and feel entirely let down.

11 Halo 5

A new entry in the beloved franchise of Halo. The revelation of Halo 5 promised fans a mystery and a grand new journey for Master Chief. We open on a planet of sand. A hooded figure watches the architecture sprout from the sand, revealing an ominous and ghastly structure.

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With a boom, a force pushes back the stranger’s cowl, to reveal the one and only Master Chief. Fans were excited to see where this game would go, but were again disappointed with the story and felt somewhat cheated out of what could have been a great game.

ten Fallout 76

Directed by the famous Todd Howard of old scrolls fame and pioneer of a new game in the To fall series, a real dream for many gamers. Who could forget the POS, a multiplayer To fall Game?

With a beautiful rendition of Take me home, country roads, and slow panning through different environments waiting for players to explore them with the same enthusiasm as most Bethesda titles. The game promised to rebuild America together, a future that starts with you. Unfortunately, the game launched in a less than positive state, requiring microtransactions to progress in a buggy wasteland. Fortunately, many updates later, Fallout 76 is enjoyed by many who consider it worth trying.

9 DC Universe Online

One of the greatest things DC has ever produced, the cinematic trailer for their new game was utterly incredible in terms of detail, action, and drama. The trailer wasn’t ashamed to show off the DC mythos, with a plethora of famous heroes and villains at all-out war. He was also not ashamed to give the characters a brutal and violent death.

DC Universe Online delivered a great gaming experience for MMO fans who have a great love for all things DC. The game is regularly updated with new gear and missions inspired by the comics, and soon a graphic update. However, fans who didn’t know anything about this game would have expected an immersive Justice League game, not an MMO.

8 Fate

Bungie has finally unveiled its bold new franchise after years of teasing and mystery: Fate. Marvel Studios’ Iron Man director, Jon Favreau, directed the trailer which featured The Mandalorianby Giancarlo Esposito. The trailer introduces all three classes: a Hunter, a Titan, and a Sorcerer.

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The characters group together, showing off their different abilities and skills as they venture to the Moon and then Mars. Their power and teamwork inspires and excites. The game made us think we were off on an adventure through the solar system with friends. However, the game’s release was disappointing with a non-engaging story, a lack of things to do, and a focus on overpowered loot.

seven Overkill’s The Walking Dead

There was a lot of hype surrounding Overkill’s game in The Walking Dead universe. Every few weeks, a character would receive a beautiful cinematic trailer. The detail in every shot was something out of a movie, and the story these trailers continued lived up to the show. The fans were convinced that we were going to get an emotional and captivating game that could be the most mature and serious left for dead.

Upon release, what fans got was a disappointing game. The story didn’t stick in anyone’s mind and lacked the entertainment and emotional impact to hold onto. According to the developers, the game was always doomed.

6 Duke Nukem: Forever

Announced and delayed for over a decade, the latest entry in the beloved Duke Nukem The franchise has finally received a promising reveal, complete with a release date and gameplay demo. The trailer was a splendor of early 2000s chaos. From female nudity to a series of explosions and gunshots. The trailer is full of violence, swearing, and genital jokes.

There were a lot of promises in the trailer. An abundance of warfare, new weapons, vehicles and fun. Sadly, fans were disappointed with Duke’s release and were disappointed to have waited many years for the king to triumph, only to fall flat with little to offer.

5 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2

This cinematic trailer for The Force Unleashed 2 includes all one star wars fan might want. From Yoda’s voiceover to Darth Vader’s breathing. The two voices torment the hooded protagonist, showing the audience his conflict with his place with the dark side and the light. Everything around him is crushed by force, showing his unchecked power.

Fans are thrilled to see the return of Starkiller played by Sam Witwer, and even more thrilled to see the igniting of dual lightsabers, as he charges towards a monster big enough to make a Rancor look like a chicken. The game faltered, and there are things to love, but it left us disappointed.

4 Anthem

EA and BioWare are teaming up again to create a new experience for gamers. Upon its revelation, Anthem could be summed up as Fate meets Iron Man. What’s not to like? The intense power of teamwork and armor, in which on-screen characters fly and collide with aliens.

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The game had great environments, character designs, and a promise of exciting gameplay and teamwork. The output was missing, and so much potential was wasted. Fans were disappointed that Anthem never had the solution Fate did, and EA decided to leave Anthem in the rubble soon after.

3 Aliens: Colonial Marines

With an intense, atmospheric yet dark environment, Aliens: Colonial Marines opened its trailer with a reminder to fans of the Extraterrestrial franchise just how frightening, deadly, and overwhelming the Xenomorph horde could be. The Marines are crying out for weapons to protect themselves and themselves from the alien threat. This trailer’s camera constantly pans to the lower levels, showing how unsafe each floor of this structure is.

Unfortunately, the game itself has been met with overwhelming negativity. After countless delays, players received an unpolished experience rife with bugs and glitches upon release, with marine and alien AI ruining many players’ time and throwing them out of the immersive world.

2 dark souls 2

The cinematic trailer for dark souls 2 promised a much more story-driven title, with an armored knight venturing through unknown lands and battling unknown assailants. The trailer seemed consistent with the souls mark, with the character being near death in several battles throughout.

A controversial entry into the beloved dark souls franchised by From Software. dark souls 2 fans divided for its change in mechanics, somewhat clunky action, and lack of an innovative, interconnected level system. The game has many fans, and some believe it is not disappointing, or a bad entry into the souls franchise. dark souls 2 has aspects to like and dislike.

1 dead island

Audiences were gripped from the start by the emotional impact this trailer begins with. The camera pans to show a deceased baby girl. They are horrific and striking images that match the tone of the harsh realities of a zombie outbreak. The trailer shows the events happening in reverse. With a mother and father protecting their daughter from zombies.

The trailer has millions of views and is fondly remembered as a great short, but not so much a great game. The trailer makes you feel like characters you’ll never see again, but the characters you you find or in which you play dead island are forgettable, as is the outdated gameplay and story.

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