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Disney unveils ‘Lightyear’ trailer and release date – cvbj

Disney Unveils ‘Lightyear’ Trailer and Release Date | Instagram

This new movie account of the origin of “Buzz Lightning“However, not the toy we encountered in ‘Toy Story’, but the character who seemed to have a story beyond what was shown in the iconic Pixar film.

You better get ready for the trip, because Disney and Pixar finally released the first trailer for “Lightyear” on Wednesday, the film that tells the story of one of the most iconic characters in the “Toy Story franchise. “.

In this film, they will focus on the real hero who inspired this iconic toy that for many was in his childhood.

Notably, handsome actor Chris Evans lent his voice to bring “Lightyear” to life in the English version of the film, directed by Annie Award winner Angus MacLane.

“Lightyear” will hit theaters in the summer of 2022 so there is still a long wait, but it will undoubtedly be a sensation and surely the biggest recipe of the summer.

In the first scene of this preview, a space station is observed in which a voiceover indicates a ship’s preparation for take-off.

Then an astronaut appears on the stage preparing for the space mission and by the close-ups in the costume we immediately deduce that this is the protagonist.

In the story, the Lightning Bolt we see is younger than the action figure’s, so the film will likely focus on the start of his space career.

Likewise, we see that in their journeys to infinity and beyond, there is a traveling companion who also wears the characteristic costume of the unforgettable action figure.

However, the classic Lightning line is not fully stated in this preview, only the first part “Towards Infinity and …” is revealed. Apparently the surprise will come later.

Unfortunately there are still no more details on the plot, however what is assured, as we mentioned above, that Chris Evans (Captain America) will lend his voice in English to bring Lightyear to life in the film. .

Sadly, this decision was not very well received by Toy Story fans as they questioned why Tim Allen, who played the voice of Buzz in the saga, was not chosen.

But, the argument is that this spin-off will reveal the “real” life of the astronaut, it will not be an expansion of the Buzz-action figure.

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