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Doctor Who Trailer Reveals Start of Jodie Whittaker’s Regeneration

The BBC has released a trailer for the Doctor Who Centenary Special, teasing the regeneration of Jodie Whittaker and the return of classic companions.

The BBC has released a new trailer for the Doctor Who Centenary Special teases the regeneration of Jodie Whittaker and the return of classic companions Tegan Jovanka and Ace. Jodie Whittaker’s time as the Doctor is coming to an end. Moreover, from the point of view of the universe, the Doctor knows it; at the end of Doctor Who: Flow she was warned by Time itself that this time there would be no regenerations.

Doctor WhoThe spring special, “Legend of the Sea Devils”, revealed that the weight of this knowledge crushes the Doctor’s spirit. Before, she had tried to avoid getting into a relationship because she knew she would outlive the ones she loves. now, in the latest romance with Yaz, the Doctor suspects that she is the one whose time will soon come to an end. Worse still, Time warned that the Doctor’s enemies would gather to work against her, under the direction of the Master himself.


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“Legend of the Sea Devils” ended with a first look at the centennial special, which is slated to air in October. The trailer confirms the return of the Daleks and Cybermen under the Master’s leadership, with the Master convinced that he has found a way to kill even the Timeless Child. Additionally, it also features the return of two classic-era companions – Sophie Aldred’s Ace, who traveled with the Seventh Doctor, and Janet Fielding’s Tegan – a companion of the Fourth and Fifth Doctors.

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Doctor Who: Flow honored the show’s ties, and the “Eve of the Daleks” Christmas special even introduced a type of Dalek who previously appeared in the “Time Lord Victorious” transmedia initiative. Given that this is the case, it is quite surprising that the Doctor Who The Centenary Special trailer confirms that a larger continuity is being skipped this time around; Ace confirms that she hasn’t met the Doctor in 30 years, essentially erasing a romance from Aldred herself. Hopefully the Centenary Special won’t take the same approach with Tegan; an audio adventure released in 2020 revealed that Tegan and her companion Nyssa became an item, confirming a popular fan theory. It would be good to see this particular concept officially confirmed on screen, rather than erased as well.

The identity of the Fourteenth Doctor has yet to be revealed, but it is widely believed Doctor Who Season 14 will begin filming shortly. If so, it won’t be long before there’s an announcement, as the casting decision will inevitably be leaked once production begins. The next few months should be particularly exciting for Doctor Whoas Whittaker’s era draws to a close and the series prepares to introduce his replacement.

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