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Elden Ring Honest Game Trailers Mock OP Torrent

The latest video in the Honest Game Trailers series is based on Elden Ring and mocks many of the game’s features, including Torrenting.

A cheeky and sarcastic trailer for Ring of Elden pokes fun at some of the more silly and outlandish aspects of the game, including the implementation of the player’s Torrent courier. Although it has received exceptionally high praise from all corners of the gaming world since its release, Ring of Elden also produced a lot of online comedy content.

Honest Game Trailers is a YouTube series from Fandom Games that was originally envisioned as an offshoot of Honest Trailers and serves to provide entertaining and informative comic content about the latest video games. The format of the series relies on parodying what some might perceive as overly dramatic and “epicnature of movie and game trailers. Using this formula, Honest Game Trailers will highlight the quirks, strengths, and shortcomings of its subjects. Although this is not a series of reviews , Honest Game Trailers will often make their overall opinions about a game clear at the end Given the game’s astonishing popularity, Fandom Games, according to its own account, has been inundated with requests for coverage Ring of Elden following its release.


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Honest Game Trailers delivered earlier today with teasing Fandom Games Channel video Ring of Elden for its intricate fantasy plot, infamous difficulty, abstract presentation, and more. The video also mocked Torrent, the magical courier that players will use to traverse The Lands Between. Talking about the game’s challenges and its players’ tendency to avoid them, the fake trailer says that running away is “much easierthanks to the inclusion of Torrent and the horse’s double jump ability. Later, the video also jokes about how many players will struggle to land shots on horseback.

Although the trailer strikes a tongue-in-cheek tone throughout, it brings up an interesting point about Torrent: the courier makes it much easier to escape from open-world combat. Although it is much more accessible than other games from developer FromSoftware, there are still many gamers who think that Ring of Elden is very difficult. Giving players the ability to run away from certain fights they aren’t ready for lessens that challenge a bit.

This trailer is emblematic of how Ring of Elden surpassed all other FromSoftware games in terms of popularity. The video is full of clever jokes and game-related references that probably wouldn’t have been so prevalent at the start of the “soulsbornewhen they were still considered niche titles. Jokes about the game’s difficulty and the super-powered magic horse aside, it’s clear the minds behind Honest Game Trailers have a lot of respect for Ring of Elden.

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Ring of Elden is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Source: Fandom Games/YouTube

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