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Elden Ring Releases Live-Action Trailer Starring Ming-Na Wen

In the most recent Elden Ring trailer, BANDAI NAMCO tapped actress Ming-Na Wen to help promote the top-selling FromSoftware game.

A new video promoting the release recently Ring of Elden surfaced online, this time with star wars, Disney and Marvel actress Ming-Na Wen. This trailer is just one of many efforts by publisher BANDAI NAMCO to spread the word about the resounding success Ring of Eldenwho has already surpassed many of his contemporaries.

This most recent release from renowned Japanese developer FromSoftware is shaping up to be one of the most popular games of the year, and certainly one of the studio’s most beloved games. It would appear that BANDAI NAMCO has been all too aware of the game’s winning formula, as the company has put much of its weight behind the game’s marketing campaign, with countless trailers, billboards and other promotional efforts that have surfaced over the past few months. . Much of the marketing centers around the legacy and ongoing track record of FromSoftware and its director Hidetaka Miyazaki, while also being sure to mention the involvement of bestselling author George RR Martin. Third-party organizations have also helped promote the game by creating content based on it, a recent example being the Critical Role Ring of Elden a shot.


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As successful as the game is, BANDAI NAMCO isn’t letting up when it comes to Ring of Elden marketing. A trailer for the game was posted on the BANDAI NAMCO YouTube channel earlier today featuring none other than Ming-Na Wen from The Mandalorian and Mulane notoriety. In the short clip, Ming-Na speaks from the perspective of a dedicated player, though her attitude, delivery and language give the impression of a committed and powerful warrior. At one point, she states that she will “dance a hundred times with death“, clearly referring to the game’s characteristic difficulty. The trailer ends with a screen presenting Ring of Eldenmany perfect reviews, hammering home the game’s stellar critical reception.

Although Ring of Elden players can take advantage of magic, summons and other features to make the game easier, this will still pose a significant challenge for most players. This trailer seems to capitalize on that fact by turning what some gamers might find frustrating – the repetition of dying over and over again – into something admirable and invigorating. Many FromSoftware fans are probably familiar with this feeling, as the studio’s games demand consistently high performance.

As difficult and strange as Ring of Elden is, its success has been amazing. Most high-end games tend to lean more towards accessibility and satisfying gameplay loops, which is great, but it’s also nice that there’s room for more demanding esoteric builds. Big-budget trailers featuring high-profile celebrities are just further proof of how many people Ring of Elden has achieved and will continue to achieve.

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Source: BANDAI NAMCO/YouTube

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