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Elite Ratalaika Games Shooter ‘Remote Life’ (PS4/Xbox/PS4) – new trailer

Indie publisher Ratalaika Games, in conjunction with developer Next Game Level, is on a special countdown to its inspirational Shoot-em-up Remote Life releasing May 27, 2022. Released on all console platforms, PlayStation 4 , PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch, priced at $18.99 / €17.99 / £14.99.

A shooter that really rocks!

Top marks

With an insane number of distinctive features, neat level design, 3D rendered graphics, crazy creature design, cool music and special effects, with the utmost emphasis on challenging gameplay, variety and gameplay, Remote Life really packs a punch in a game with a retro vision. for the 2020s.

One man – One vision

Remote Life was put together by a one-man production team with a remarkable skill set. Inspired by seeing and playing games from the past decades that helped formulate and create its concept, design, gameplay elements and mechanics. From Commodore 64, SNES, Sega Genesis and Amiga 500 to current consoles, he has captured the essence of these games, their playability and gaming feel to create his own unique game – Remote Life……and so on. after.

A huge and menacing alien hive is approaching our planet. The only way to defeat it is to go inside and destroy it from the center. You are John Leone, an ambitious pilot, ready to fire all his ammunition into the jaws of horror! Take your Space Jet and save our planet. Find out why the aliens are attacking and discover a mysterious story behind this attack.

crazy and delicious

Incredibly spooky graphics, with a pointer to sci-fi movies of the 80s and 90s, set in a believable alien world, Remote Life will suck the player into the atmosphere of the game and create excitement with music from background and sound effects that invoke a beautiful balance to the waiting chaos unfolding.

A message to players

The developer, Mario Malagrino, gives a poignant message: “For Remote Life, I tried not to be inspired by a particular game. This ensures its uniqueness in this genre. I don’t think producing clones of other games is a big challenge. It allowed me to have a free mindset, and you can see that especially in the weapon system which is quite unique for shmups. Another thing you don’t usually see is autosave level progress. This allows you to complete the game in a longer time frame and does not require you to play “restless” all day. There are so many other features on offer.”

The game, the objective

To defeat each final boss in each level in this manner, players progress until they arrive at the center of HIVE. Mainly because only from the center of the alien hive can humans launch a large missile and destroy the hive. There are also special levels where the driver (player) has to escort larger vehicles that carry items needed to win this war. All of these great features ensure that the game is truly a great challenge every time you play without being boring or repetitive.

Exciting elements:

  • Aggressive, intelligent and relentless enemy attacks

  • Use your brain to select the right weapons – there are plenty

  • Fabulous auto-save feature

  • Unlock other faster and better suited spaceships

  • Special assignments

  • Guns galore with their own attributes

  • 16 levels with awesome final bosses

  • Mid-level bosses

  • 4 difficulty levels

  • On-screen frame rate to impress

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