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Emily in Paris season 2 release date, trailer, cast & everything we know so far

The funny, frilly, sexy and silly comedy-drama Emilie in Paris is back for a whole new season. After a very successful season 1, the light and light drama is now getting a second season. The series comes from the creator of Sex and the city, Darren star, and stars Lily collins as the eponymous Emily Cooper. Collins is also a co-producer on the show.

The story follows Emily, an ambitious marketing executive in her twenties from Chicago, who moves to Paris when her business acquires a French luxury marketing company. Emily is sent to France with a new job opportunity and a goal to revamp their social strategy. Coming from a simple and mundane Midwestern background, Emily experiences cultural clashes but also many exciting adventures. With a new job and new people in a whole new world, Emily Cooper is learning to manage her career, friendship and love life.

Since the series premiered in 2020, Emilie in Paris has become a hot topic among fans, making it one of the service’s most popular comedies. It is therefore not surprising that he renews. Plus, with Season 1 ending on an incomplete note, fans are looking more for Emily Cooper and her new French life. And There you go! Here are all the details on the upcoming second season of Emilie in Paris.

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How many episodes are there in season 2 of Emily in Paris?


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Unfortunately, there is no official announcement on the number of episodes or any other episode details for Emilie in Paris season 2. But we hope to have some news soon, as the season premiere approaches. What we can certainly share with you is the new set of directors who have joined the series. Katina Medina Mora (Selena) and Jennifer arnold (Atypical) would have joined the team of Emilie in Paris season 2.

Knowing that Season 1 had 10 episodes, which is also standard practice for most Netflix Original shows, we can assume that Emilie in Paris Season 2 will follow the same format and will have 10 episodes.

Emily in Paris season 2 trailer

On September 25, 2021, Netflix released the official trailer for Emilie in Paris Season 2 is chic, colorful, and an absolute feast for the eyes. In Netflix’s own words, “this holiday season has just gotten really chic, and we can see from the promo that they really mean it. The clip shows Emily having a French holiday in Saint-Tropez. A quick glance at luxury resorts, lavish parties, and breathtaking venues tells us that the upcoming second season of Emilie in Paris is going to be a total ride.

What is the release date of season 2 of Emily in Paris?


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Netflix is ​​ready to release Emilie in Paris season 2 this holiday season. According to the latest news, the new season is set to debut on December 22, 2021, so this is your sorted light Christmas binge. It sounds like the perfect holiday gift from Netflix.

Who is in the cast of season 2 of Emily in Paris?


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The Netflix comedy-drama will see the return of all of the main cast from season 1 reprising their roles. Emilie in Paris Season 2 will have Collins, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, Ashley Park, and Camille Razat in the main roles, with Lucas Bravo, Samuel arnold, Bruno Gouery, and Kate walsh. Let’s take a quick look at all of the important characters played by the above actors in Emilie in Paris season 2:

Emily Cooper (Collins) – an American in her twenties from Chicago who moved to Paris to work at a luxury marketing company called Savoir. She is a marketing graduate and uses her witty charm to revamp the agency’s social media management. Emily has no knowledge of the French or their culture other than what she remembers from the movie Ratatouille.

Sylvie Grateux (Leroy-Beaulieu) – Sylvie runs Savoir and is Emily’s boss. A tough French boss, Sylvie and Emily are constantly engaged in an ongoing cold war. The fact that her husband admires Emily only makes things worse.

Mindy Chen (Park) – Emily’s first and best friend in Paris. She is an aspiring pop singer but works as a nanny. She’s fun, talented, humorous, and everything Emily needs in a new city.


Image via Netflix

Gabriel (Bravo) – Gabriel is a chef and Emily’s neighbor who becomes her sweetheart. Emily and Gabriel’s chemistry is complex and they have their moments of pushing back and forth, albeit with emotional consequences.

Camille (Razat) – Camille is Emily’s friend and Gabriel’s girlfriend, not necessarily in that order. Although Gabriel and Camille become distant, she remains close to Emily, of whom it remains to be discovered.

In addition, the actor Guillaume Abadié, who plays Antoine Lambert, was promoted to a series regular in the upcoming season of Emilie in Paris, so we’ll see more. Antoine owns a perfume company which Emily is marketing. He also seems to have an eye on Emily, though we’ll just have to wait and see where it goes.

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Who are the new characters of season 2 of “Emily in Paris”?


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A new season means new stories and of course, new faces. Emilie in Paris Season 2 will definitely see new characters. Recent updates report that Netflix has confirmed Jeremy O. Harris and Lucien Laviscount joined the cast of the drama-comedy series in important roles.

British actor Laviscount will play the role of Alfie, a charming but cynical Londoner who tends to get under Emily’s skin with his aversion to French culture. He wants to work for a living and not the other way around, sticks to his simple pleasures, and doesn’t bother to adapt to “the French art of living”.

Harris will play Gregory Elliott Dupree, an iconic fashion designer and former protégé of Pierre Cadault (Jean-Christophe Bouvet). Along with these two we will also see Arnaud Binard as a guest star. Binard plays the character of Laurent G, an outgoing nightclub owner, whom Emily meets for work but learns there’s more to him than she sees.

What is the story of Emily in Paris season 2?


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Throughout Season 1, Emilie in Paris explores Emily Cooper’s experience with French culture and Parisian life. Arriving in a chic but rigid workplace, she is overwhelmed and struggles to navigate cultural differences. Along the way, she makes good friends and explores an exciting love life.

Emilie in Paris Season 1 sees Emily finally get closer to her love, Gabriel. After his breakup with his girlfriend, Camille, Gabriel and Emily finally spend the night together. However, he is ready to leave Paris and create his own restaurant in Normandy. The season ends with a change of plan for Gabriel when he decides to stay in Paris and continue working in his bistro. Emily is excited but Camille feels the opposite. The cliffhanger ending with Camille reaching out to Emily for a chat leaves plenty of possibilities.

It won’t be a surprise to fans if the upcoming second season of Emilie in Paris focuses on the love triangle between Emily, Camille and Gabriel. There could be tension and strained energy between the three because of the new developments with Camille.

On the other side of the story, we still have to properly explore Mindy and Sylvie. Season 1 has barely scratched the surface of these two important female characters, who are also an integral part of Emily’s life. We don’t yet know what kind of woman Sylvie actually is, beneath her icy exterior. Season 2 could be a great place for his character to grow up. Likewise, we might also see something more happen in Mindy’s love life and how her friendship grows with Emily after she moves into Emily’s apartment.

Getting back to Emily herself, other than her new job and new life in Paris, we haven’t explored the Chicago Girl much. Apparently there’s a chance to have a story about Emily, with flashbacks to her childhood so we can learn more about her family.

All in all, it looks like a bright and happy French holiday, Emilie in Paris Season 2 will bring new energies to the characters, with lots of fun and exciting storylines. So, get ready for another great vacation in the City of Light.

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