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Emmerdale releases harrowing trailer as Marlon suffers stroke

Emmerdale has released a trailer that reveals the horrific moment Marlon Dingle suffers a stroke.

Last week, the soap revealed the devastating storyline that comes as the popular character prepares to marry co-star Rhona Goskirk.

In the moving teaser, Marlon looks terrified in the mirror as he seems to notice the left side of his face has fallen off.

He then falls to the ground.

Emmerdale’s character Marlon collapses to the ground after suffering a stroke. (ITV)

His daughter April finds him, tearfully pleading, “Daddy, just talk to me, please.”

Rhona then rushes to the hospital as Marlon’s best friend, Paddy, begs by her bedside, “Can you answer me, please.”

“I can’t cope.”

Then Rhona said to her future husband, shaking his hand, “No matter how long it takes or how hard it is, we’re going to do it together.”

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Marlon’s stroke story

The harrowing plot will unfold over months, reflecting the real-life experiences of stroke victims as they come to terms with their passion.

Mark Charnock, who plays Marlon, said: “Working with the research team at Emmerdale and the Stroke Association on this storyline was a total eye opener for me.

“We hear the word ‘stroke’ talked about a lot, but to be faced with the sheer weight of numbers in this one country was a shock.

“A stroke occurs every five minutes in the UK. More than 100,000 per year.

“More can and should be done to raise awareness and hopefully this story can help.

“It’s a huge responsibility to try to get it right for the survivors and their families and for those who have lost loved ones to this terrible event.

“No two strokes are the same, but the sequelae are devastating.

“I’m very proud of the show for telling it and allowing me to be a part of it.”

Paddy and Rhona will be there if Marlon is needed. (ITV)

“Catastrophic consequences”

Emmerdale producer Laura Shaw added: “Warm, witty and caring Marlon is without a doubt one of Emmerdale’s most beloved characters.

“With the skills, craftsmanship and incredible range of Mark Charnock, it felt right to play a story as important as this.

“Marlon points out that a stroke can happen at any time. It shows the catastrophic consequences that this can have on the person affected and their entire family.

“When we started researching this scenario, I was shocked by the stark statistics. The UK alone has 1.3 million stroke survivors.

“So we knew we wanted to do justice to these people and their families by showing the raw reality of a stroke as candidly and honestly as possible.”

“As the story unfolds, we follow the tragic and heartbreaking long-term impact it has on Marlon, his friends and family.

“And how their love for each other shines through as they all come together at this most difficult time.”

Rhona offers Marlon on one knee just as his mother arrives
Marlon faces a tough road ahead of what should have been the happiest of times. (Credit: ITV)

Viewers will see the shot from Marlon’s perspective, with Emmerdale using special filming techniques.

Laura said they wanted them to see what a stroke looks like in the moment.

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