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‘Escape From Tarkov’ reveals DLSS support with stunning trailer

Nvidia shared a video from Escape from Tarkov Running with DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) enabled, which allows gamers to run the game with improved graphics and performance.

DLSS support for Escape from Tarkov was revealed during Nvidia’s CES 202 special address and featured the hardcore shooter game played with DLSS enabled. While the trailer shows players fighting at multiple locations throughout Tarkov, it also includes a brief side-by-side comparison screen that highlights the improved visual and performance enhancements that come with DLSS.

DLSS is a technology that allows gamers to run games at a lower resolution without it looking different, as DLSS increases input frames with AI. This allows DLSS-enabled games to perform better, as gamers run it on lower settings, without them actively looking worse.

Although Escape from Tarkov Developer Battlestate Games hasn’t given an exact release date for DLSS support, previously confirming the feature will arrive around patch 12.12, which launched last month.

DLSS will likely be a welcome addition to Escape from Tarkov, as fans have noticed issues with the shooter performance since the launch of patch 12.12. While DLSS doesn’t completely solve these issues, this feature should make the game easier to run for RTX-enabled computers.

That being said, the game suffers from serious server side issues as well. This means gamers face long queues, disconnection issues, and in-game lag. Earlier in the week, lead designer Nikita Buyanov said an organization was “attacking” servers Escape From Tarkov when they were already strained by an increased number of players.

In other news, Runescape destroyed his infamous Duel Arena during a community event. Instead of a place where players compete against each other, fans can expect a “quiet oasis” for skill-based content.

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