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Everybody’s ready to die on this hill

The Volume 2 trailer opens with Dr. Brenner (Matthew Modine) staring at the wall which eventually turns into a portal to the Upside Down, and I’m guessing this happens between when 001 (Henry Campbell Bower ) is sucked inside the Upside Down and the fissure transforms into a portal to this dimension, after he transforms into Vecna.

This could be an extension of the flashback sequences (the repressed memories) that Eleven had relived in the sensory deprivation tank, in which Brenner asks a younger, blood-soaked El, “What did you do?” This scene, of course, was a red herring, as it is ultimately revealed during the Hawkins Lab massacre by 001, and that Eleven had only gone after self-preservation, unwittingly opening the portal. towards the Upside Down.

While this explains El’s ties to the various monsters that inhabit this otherworldly dimension, it does not explain Vecna’s ultimate motivations when it comes to attacking emotionally vulnerable children in Hawkins. . Although it’s been hinted that Vecna ​​opens multiple mini-gates with each life he claims for his own, what exactly does the sprawling being want? As Henry/001 was disillusioned with the human world, it is possible that he intended to remake the world, starting with Hawkins, like the Upside Down.

In a rather dark turn of events, Brenner tells Eleven that while he understands that she, along with the others, have been traumatized by Vecna ​​beyond measure (especially Max, who had very close contact with death), it is impossible to win a fight against Vecna, because they are ready to take him down. But hey, the gang took down a whole demogorgon in Season 1 and took care of the Mind Flayer the season before. Although the fight against Vecna ​​seems hopeless, banding together might be their only chance to defeat this greater evil.

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