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Everywhere at Once has the best trailer of 2021

Now let’s say cards on the table. The two and a half minutes we’ve seen of “Everything Everywhere All At Once” already make better use of Michelle Yeoh than any other movie this year even seemed interested in tempting and presents the concept of the multiverse with much more volatility, creativity and A true character drama than this certain multiverse-focused superhero blockbuster that, so far at least, seems to be using it as a plot device for cameos and nothing else. Seriously, check out the synopsis and trailer for “Everything Everywhere All At Once” if you still need to convince:

“… the film is a hilarious, big-hearted sci-fi action adventure about an exhausted Chinese-American (Michelle Yeoh) who can’t seem to finish her taxes.”

From the synopsis and opening seconds of the trailer, Michelle Yeoh’s Evelyn Wang is presented as a painfully unlucky everyday person struggling with the most relevant issues imaginable. Report the appearance of multiverse otherworldly shenanigans that immediately throw her out of her depths, plunging her into cosmic conflict against an unknown evil that she humorously wants nothing to do with. Cleverly, this divide of space and time gives him the opportunity to tap into his thousands of alternative selves and “… access all of their memories, their emotions, even their skills”. Naturally, showing off her range of actors and playing different versions of herself from all walks of life is a big part of the appeal. But more than the nifty concept itself, the footage features unconventional editing, targeted aspect ratio changes, and stylistic flourishes that immediately set this film apart from the crowd.

Between that and the trailers for “The Matrix Resurrections”, consider us excited for more movies in a wide range of budget levels that take advantage of whatever the movie medium has at its disposal, embracing storytelling. abstract and non-literal fully at the service of history … and not just excess for the sake of it. Kwan and Scheinert proved their incredible mastery of tone and storytelling instincts with “Swiss Army Man,” a miracle of the form meeting feature that still has a strong thematic impact on the pursuit of beauty in the mundane. If “Everything Everywhere All At Once” delivers on this insanely thrilling trailer’s promise, odds are the Daniels are just getting started.

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