Flatbet trailer extensions

Extension Granted for Ridgeway LCBO Trailer by Fort Erie Council

A vending trailer serving as the LCBO outlet at Ridgeway will still be in place for some time.

City politicians granted a two-year extension, on the condition that planning permission for a permanent home be obtained within the following year.

A staff report on the request favored a one-year extension.

Developer David Kompson said he signed a 10-year lease with the provincial liquor retailer that is subject to two conditions: approval of the municipality’s site plan and keeping the trailer until until the permanent location is built. The lease also includes four five-year options.

The 5,100-square-foot store is to be “the end” of a multi-unit retail complex, Kompson told councilors at a town hall meeting ahead of council’s June 20 committee meeting.

The trailer has been on site at 409 Gorham Rd. since 2017 and has seen several extensions. A previous temporary bylaw amendment expired in April this year.

“There is no doubt that no one’s patience has been tested more than mine,” said Kompson, adding that the submission of a proposed site plan – delayed by a request from the region of Niagara for a traffic study to be completed before it is signed – is “imminent”. .” A 12-month extension, he said, would not be enough to obtain a permit and complete a construction, given the problems related to the COVID-19 pandemic which caused delays in obtaining construction materials. building, among others. “The LCBO does not intend to have the trailer on site any longer than necessary,” he said.

While councilors would like to see a permanent location established, they are concerned about the conditions at the site.

Ward 5 County. Don Lubberts said the dust, kicked up by vehicles entering and leaving the site, is an ongoing problem for neighbors and wants active dust suppression measures to be taken in the meantime. He pointed out that this issue had arisen the last time an extension had been granted.

“The agent regraded and laid stones to address the dust issues,” Lubberts said. “They said they were ready to use a dust suppressant on site. A neighbor, who happens to be my sister, said they didn’t put down a dust suppressant last year.

Ward 6 County. Ann-Marie Noyes, who also serves as a council representative on the city’s accessibility committee, said the measures being taken, the use of coarse gravel to reduce dust, have made the temporary store less accessible to people with reduced mobility. “It makes it really difficult,” she said.

In the end, the council agreed to extend the temporary exemption from the bylaw, but with some conditions in addition to obtaining a building permit by June 30, 2023. Other conditions include resolving issues dust and accessibility. The council also called for a safety inspection of the building, specifically the stairs and an accessibility lift, to be carried out within three months.

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