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Fairly Odd Parents Reboot Paramount+ Trailer: Watch Now

It’s time to break Da’s rules! Our favorite magical goldfish are back in the first trailer for my godparents are magic reboot coming to Paramount+ in late March. Officially subtitled Kind of weirdthe new series from showrunner Christopher J. Nowak (Henry Danger, Dangerous strength) mixes live action and animation by bringing cartoon versions of Cosmo (Daran Norris) and Wanda (Susanne Blakeslee) into the real world. Even Jorgen Von Strangle – the buff and Arnold Schwarzenegger-inspired leader of Fairy World (also voiced by Norris) – is back for more hijinks.

The revival centers on Timmy Turner’s 13-year-old cousin, Vivian “Viv” Turner (Audrey Grace Marshall), and her new stepbrother, Roy Raskin (Tyler Wladis), as they navigate the town of Dimmsdale with the help of their wish-granting fairy godmothers. Rounding out the rest of the cast are Laura Bell Bundy (Roy’s mother, Rachel Raskin), Ryan-James Hatanaka (Viv’s father, Ty Turner), and Imogen Cohen (Viv and Roy’s friend, Zina Zacarias). What we really want to know is who was cast to play Doug Dimmadome, owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome.

As you’ll see below, the initial collection of footage pays loving homage to fan-favorite source material in a number of ways – whether through visual Easter eggs (like a poster of cool kids Tad and Chad hiding in the background of a certain shot) or Cosmo directly referencing a lyric from the OG show’s iconic theme song. Did anyone else just crave a large fries and a chocolate shake?

Look now:

Created by Butch Hartman (Danny Ghost, TUFF Puppy), my godparents are magic ran for nearly 200 episodes on Nickelodeon between 2001 and 2017, although it originally started as several shorts in the late 90s. The cartoon’s pink-hatted protagonist, 10-year-old Timmy Turner (the character was originally voiced by the late Mary Kay Bergman before Tara Strong took over for the rest of the series), is granted a pair of magical guardians due to his own parents often never being around, usually leaving him with the evil babysitter, Vicky.

Hartman is an executive producer on Kind of weird with Nowak, Samantha Martin (Henry Danger, Dangerous strength), and Fred Seibert (a long-running EP on animation EnoughOdd). Mike Caron (Dangerous strength) directed and produced the pilot.

This isn’t the first time IP has entered the realm of live action. the now controversial Drake Bell played a grown-up Timmy Turner in a trio of made-for-TV movies (released between 2011 and 2014), in which Cosmo and Wanda were rendered with CGI technology. Thankfully, the reboot takes pity on our eyeballs, ditching that weird aesthetic and sticking with their original designs. The two fairies also made an appearance in a season 1 episode of Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide.

The 13 episodes of Quite Odd Parents: Quite Odd poof on Paramount+ with their fluttering wands, wings and crowns on Thursday, March 31. “I’ve never seen a cast, crew, and writers room come together like this before,” Nowak wrote on Instagram last March. “This season has been an absolute joy. We caught lightning in a bottle here.”

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