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Fastway® Trailer Products Launches New Product: SIMPLE WEIGH™ Tongue Scale

The Fastway® SIMPLE WEIGH™ Tongue Weight Scale helps you know your tongue weight to balance your load, providing safer, more confident towing.

Fastway is pleased to announce its newest towing product, the SIMPLE WEIGH™ Tongue Scale. Easily find your tongue weight with this useful towing accessory.

If a trailer does not have enough tongue weight, it can more easily become unstable while towing. »

— Jason Harper, Director of Product Engineering at Progress Mfg.

PROVO, UT, USA, July 12, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Fastway is pleased to announce its newest towing product, the SIMPLE WEIGH™ Tongue Scale. This innovative product makes it easy for trailer owners to find their tongue weight, for safer, more secure towing.

Tongue weight is the downward force of the trailer on the tow vehicle’s hitch ball. With the correct tongue weight, trailer owners can enjoy improved steering, better braking control and reduced trailer sway.

Even trailer owners with significant towing experience can benefit from knowing and adjusting their tongue weight before each tow. The trailer tongue weight changes when weight is added or removed from the trailer, or if the weight in the trailer is moved from the front to the rear of the trailer. When the weight of the cargo is shifted to the rear of the trailer, the tongue weight decreases. When the weight is shifted to the front of the trailer, the tongue weight increases.

“Boom weight is best measured with a scale directly under the coupler (not under the boom jack) with the trailer in a horizontal position,” says Matthew Barnes, product engineer for Progress Mfg. “The correct boom weight is essential for safe towing.”

Designed to fit all coupler sizes, the SIMPLE WEIGH is the fastest and easiest way to safely measure tongue weight. For most trailers, the tongue weight should be 10-15% of the total trailer weight.

“If a trailer does not have sufficient tongue weight, it can more easily become unstable while being towed. If there is too much tongue weight, the rear axle of the tow vehicle may be overloaded, which can lead to component failure,” said Jason Harper, Product Engineering Manager of Progress Mfg. “This unloads the front axle, reducing steering, braking and visibility, making the tow vehicle less stable and less controllable.

The SIMPLE WEIGH comes pre-assembled and fits easily under the trailer hitch, for simple and easy measuring. It can measure up to 2100 lbs, providing tongue weight measurements of even the heaviest trailers.

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