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First trailer for ‘Mrs Harris Goes To Paris’ brings Dior’s New Look atelier to life

After appearing as the tightly laced sister of fashion designer Reynolds Woodcock in the 2017s ghost yarn – Paul Thomas Anderson’s ode to great British designers Norman Hartnell and Hardy Amies – Lesley Manville is back in the world of canvas and small dishes for Mrs. Harris goes to Paris. A co-production between Universal Pictures and Maison Dior, the romantic comedy sees director Anthony Fabian reimagine Paul Gallico’s 1958 novel, Flowers for Mrs. Harris, in which the titular heroine – a housekeeper in post-war London – falls head over heels in love with a couture dress belonging to her employer Lady Dant (Anna Chancellor), ultimately deciding to save every penny she has. to go to the Dior workshop and have one made. When she finally crosses the English Channel, however, the housekeeper finds it harder to gain admission into the lily-of-the-valley-scented world of Dior than she had hoped.

Stand between her and a Bar Suit? Isabelle Huppert as the arrogant shop manager Madame Colbert – the Emily Charlton of the 1950s – who is less than impressed with Mrs Harris stating that she is “after a dress, including a £500 one”. Fortunately, various other Parisians are friendlier, including the Marquis de Chassagne (Lambert Wilson), who takes Ms Harris under his wing during couture presentations, and Dior accountant André Fauvel (played by Emily in Paris‘s Lucas Bravo), whom Mrs. Harris helps pursue her love for house model Natasha (Alba Baptista).

Flowers for Mrs. Harris has already been made into a movie once before in 1992, starring Angela Lansbury as Mrs. Harris and Diana Rigg as Madame Colbert, but with Dior collaborating on every detail of the 2022 film, expect this may the fashion dial be turned up when Fabian’s version hits theaters on September 30th. And if you want more Manville in French couture? The Oscar nominee will play Princess Margaret – a fan of Dior – in the next episode of The crownwhich will be released on Netflix in November.


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