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Fullenkamp’s Frenchtown Trailer Sales Donates Trailer

By Brooke Beam, Ph.D.

Extension of Ohio State University, Highland County

VERSAILLES – Ohio State University Extension is pleased to announce the donation of a trailer from Fullenkamp’s Frenchtown Trailer Sales & Supply Company of Versailles, Ohio to transport the iFarm immersive theater. The iFarm Immersive Theater is an immersive educational theater that allows participants to experience programming in a setting similar to an IMAX theater or planetarium.

iFarm Immersive Theater was developed by Dr. Brooke Beam, OSU’s Agriculture and Natural Resources/Community Development Educator in Highland County, in 2021 and debuted at the Annual Science Review agriculture in September. All films shown in the iFarm Immersive Theater were made by OSU Extension staff. The films feature a variety of agricultural and natural resource topics relevant to Ohio residents, ranging from aquaculture to plant and animal production to Ohio wildlife.

The immersive theater is approximately 30 feet in diameter and 15 feet high, providing enough space for entire classes of students to actively participate and view the immersive experiences.

With the use of the trailer, iFarm Immersive Theater will be able to travel throughout Ohio and share these immersive experiences across the state. The iFarm Immersive Theater is scheduled to be available to the public during the Ohio State Fair and Farm Science Review in 2022 and many local events throughout the state. If you are interested in hosting iFarm Immersive Theater at an event in your community, contact Dr. Brooke Beam via email at [email protected] or by phone at 937-393-1918 to discuss the logistics of hosting the immersive theater.

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