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Fully loaded truck trailer falls on Hyundai Venue, all occupants safe

A Hyundai Venue ensured the safety of all its occupants in another freak accident in which a truck trailer fell on it after a tire burst

We’ve been fairly regular in reporting crashes where cars keep their occupants safe, even in some horrific crashes. The latest crash involving a Hyundai Venue and a truck trailer is no different as the solid build quality of the sub-4m SUV kept everyone safe, even though the whole incident is pretty scary. Now, it should be noted here that the Venue earned a 4-star Australian NCAP test score, but the nature of the crash is such that any vehicle is susceptible to serious damage and transferring the impact to the occupants.

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As seen in the video above, a huge truck trailer fell on top of a Hyundai Venue after being hit by another truck. The second truck fell on its side after suffering a tire blowout. The truck is said to be carrying 4 metal plates weighing 2 tonnes each, while the heavyweight itself rammed into another truck which in turn landed on the nose of the Venue. Obviously, the toy car has taken a huge blow from the impact and its front end is damaged beyond recognition. Additionally, the truck body can be seen resting on top of the car, but its weight was well supported by the white subcompact SUV. All occupants of the Venue got out of the car without a scratch, which surely shows the great crashworthiness of its company’s most affordable SUV.

The Hyundai Venue has been one of the most popular models in the B-SUV segment. It has been consistent with top sales at the Maruti Vitara Brezza and Tata Nexon. It is expected to receive a facelift later this year. The updated model will bring the SUV’s aesthetics in line with the South Korean automaker’s latest design language, as seen on the Tucson and Palisade. Similar styling has already been seen on the Creta facelift which is on sale overseas. The same model should reach us in a few months. The updated front would make the car look wider thanks to the new grille.

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Hyundai Venue demonstrated high impact resistance in an accident involving a truck trailer.

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At the rear, the facelift is expected to feature connected taillights reminiscent of the Kia Sonet. The similarity might be too much for a whole lot of people. There is no data on the interior layout, but a major overhaul is expected. However, we have no reason to believe that the powertrain options will be changed in any way. This means that the facelifted version will continue to be equipped with petrol, diesel and turbo-petrol engines.

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