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Future teams up with Kevin Samuels in ‘Worst Day’ trailer (video)

For culture! When it comes to music promotion, artists, especially rappers, go all out to promote their upcoming music. Recently, Nicki Minaj shocked the world by showing off her acting skills in her ‘Do We Have A Problem’ video, featuring Lil Baby. Now Future is jumping into his bag collaborating with one of today’s most controversial public figures, Kevin Samuels.

The future was trending earlier after dropping the trailer with Kevin for his next track, “Worst Day.” In the trailer, titled “Healing Together With Dr. Kevin Samuels,” the trainer asks the rapper to open up to therapy.style conversation on his relationships with women. Kevin asked, “Last year, how much would you say you spent on women?” Future replied, “I’d say probably around two, three…three million. Every time I see a beautiful woman, I have to splurge. I have to spoil them.

Future explained some of the lavish gifts and money he blew on the women in his life. While sitting across from the trainer, he broke his pattern to primarily seek out women, buying them designer items and moving on once they attached themselves to him. The roommates were surprised to see the two together and called the pair “toxic.” One commented on Future’s spending saying, “What do you name vacations, Audemars Piguet (APS) and Birkins and get $2 or $3,000 as the total spent in a year”

Another commented: “One thing about Future, he doesn’t mind sharing a bag.” Future is known for giving the woman in his life an AP watch. If you remember, in the past, one of the mothers of his children, Joie Chaves, was seen flexing an AP watch he gave her in 2019. The mother of his other child, Brittni, has also posted his watch collection on Instagram, including his AP and others. . Roommates, what do you think of Future’s therapy session?

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