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Game Developer -Session presents a new trailer created by the community

The community has come together to work hard on a new trailer to engage newcomers.

NACON and Creature Studios are pleased to present a new session trailer, incorporating the best clips produced using the in-game tool and submitted by the community. Session is currently available in early access on Steam and through the Xbox Game Preview program.

After a month of competition open to the whole community, NACON and Crea-ture Studio selected 7 of the most impressive videos, in which each participant performed and recorded perfect skateboard tricks. The unique in-game tool allows the player to shoot stunts, add filters, add a fisheye effect and edit directly in-game. And as Session’s play area is incredibly large and realistic, skaters have a great time. The skater’s catchphrase, “If it’s not on tape, then it doesn’t exist” is exemplified by a T in Session.

Session invites players to immerse themselves in the true skateboarding lifestyle of the 1990s, when every stretch of sidewalk and every staircase was a sweet spot for your favorite stunt. The game’s ultra-realistic physics bring the thrill of skateboarding to life, and the studio has even incorporated revolutionary gameplay, a first in a skateboarding game: the ‘True Stance Stick’, where each foot is independently controlled using the two sticks. With a learning curve as steep as in real life, players must practice controlling their board and performing all the different stunts available in the game, from the simplest to the most complicated. The integrated editing tool allows each player to immortalize their greatest exploits on video.

Now players can find the following in-game:

All the real sensations of skateboarding: realism, immersion and difficulty as when learning to skate… something to delight skate fans.

Innovative Gameplay: With dual-stick controls, each stick represents one of your feet. You have to think about every movement to be able to manage and transfer your weight like in real life.

Official content that will continue to grow: currently, 4 pro skaters are available, and the game includes iconic clothing and skate brands that are real references for all skaters

Legendary locations selected by the game creators: Black Hubbas (New York), Brooklyn Banks (New York), 1:1 scale.

An ultra-complete video tool: because you need a video to prove that you have achieved a perfect stunt, the game has an integrated video editor that includes different filters, several types of cameras and many other options which you can explore in the game.

More content will be revealed later this month, with the next game update.

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