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GoSun’s Solar Powered RV Trailer Appears in Less Than 10 Minutes

GoSun has firmly established itself in the adventure gear market with its long line of solar-powered camping accessories, and it has now made its first foray into complete outdoor shelters. The new GoSun Camp365 trailer is designed for a complete off-grid experience, with on-board systems for cooking, washing and refrigeration, while staying true to the company’s DNA by powering them all with the sun’s energy .

After making a name for itself with a series of impressive solar-powered camping cooking solutions, including the GoSun Fusion, GoSun then ventured into cooling with the 40-L Chill portable fridge in 2019. These two products are integrated into the newly launched motorhome. trailer, which was made in conjunction with fellow outdoor company Camp365.

The GoSun Camp 365 trailer is designed to harness the sun’s power exclusively, with a pair of 100W solar panels, along with a 130W version of the solar swing table introduced with its most popular fridge-freezer combo. cold last year. The energy collected by these panels is stored in an integrated 1100 Wh power bank and used to run a range of devices and on-board systems.

The GoSun Camp 365 trailer offers multiple solar charging options


These include the aforementioned refrigerator and stove, plus a propane pump and heater that filters water from a 24-gallon tank to a hot shower or collapsible sink, 12-volt electric blanket , a 1,500-W electric heater, 8,000-BTU air conditioning unit, and anything users might like to plug in via the five 12 V DC, two 110 V AC, or six USB outlets dotted around the place.

The Camp365 comes with a pair of inflatable single beds that can be combined to form a queen, two portable 12V French Press coffee machines and a cassette toilet. The trailer is also designed to double as an entertainment area, covering 100 square feet (9.3 m²) of interior space with 7 feet 6 inches (2.3 m) of headroom when fully extended. A pair of canopies extend outward at either end, while a mix of tinted glass and mesh windows allow for as much fresh air and light as the user desires.

The GoSun Camp365 trailer is designed for dou
The GoSun Camp365 trailer is designed to serve as an entertainment area


GoSun designed the Camp365 to be easily trailerable, designing the outer shell to be aerodynamic on the road, with the aluminum frame contributing to an overall weight of 1,800 lbs (816 kg). That puts it on par with 2019’s Happier’s Traveler trailer, and while it’s far from the lightest options on the market, with a collapsed height of 6’8″ (2m), GoSun says the Camp365 can be towed. with almost any vehicle.

The GoSun Camp 365 trailer is designed to be aerodynamic on the road
The GoSun Camp 365 trailer is designed to be aerodynamic on the road


When it arrives at camp, the trailer can be extended to its full form by one person in less than 10 minutes, according to the company. This sees insulated composite hardwalls form around the aluminum frame, with puncture resistant marine grade waterproof synthetic roofing.

GoSun and Camp365 are producing a limited run of their solar-powered trailer for 2022 with deliveries expected later in the US summer. Early bird pricing starts at US$32,500.

You can see more of the trailer in the video below.

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