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Will there be a Season 5 of Grown-ish? Yes! On March 7, 2022, Disney has officially renewed Season 5 of Grown-ish! In the season finale, Zoey Johnson (Yara Shahidi) and her friends graduate from Cal-U. In the anticipated new season, Zoey’s brother, Andre Johnson Jr. (portrayed by Marcus Scribner) joins the cast as a rookie at Cal U. With the end of the dark, we’ll see Andre’s journey “grow.” Here are our specs on the new season, including possible release date, cast, trailers, news, plus answers to your burning questions.

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Grown-ish Season 5 Release Date

As mentioned, disney has officially renewed Season 5 of Grown-ish! We don’t have the official release date yet. Our public will be the first informed. We expect it to return in the summer of 2022!

Grown-ish Season 4 Recap

Season 4 of Grown-ish has been a rollercoaster for Zoey and everyone else in the group of friends she had during the four years at Cal U. Since the group’s trip to Mexico at the start of the season where Aaron and Zoey got married – and then quit. To Vivek expelled and disavowed by his father, only to find him just before his death without notice.

Relationships have been tested this season, in more ways than one. Vivek was disowned by his father and was only able to find him briefly before he died unexpectedly. He and Ana also slept together, which was a surprise for both of them, a surprise Vivek couldn’t have been happier about.

Ana survived a hit-and-run and had to make a tough decision as a result and had a horrible breakup with Javi, but by the end of the season they made peace. Nomi and Luna got to know her baby-daddy Phil and started to build a good relationship – before Nomi received a letter of acceptance from Yale, shocking Phil.

Aaron and Zoey were on and off, with Aaron throwing Zoe to work on himself – after punching Luca for offering Zoe an internship. Zoe and Luca became best friends again, and Zoe ended up choosing to work with Luca on his Anti Muse brand after losing his fashion internship because he reported his boss for stealing his designs.

Also this season, Luca realized he still had feelings for Zoe but didn’t share them after finding out she didn’t feel the same way. Ultimately, he and his sister Kiela – who briefly dated Doug this season – were both heartbroken after Doug and Zoe both admitted to not being above their exes (Jazz and Aaron respectively). ).

Speaking of Jazz, she’s covered a lot of it this season. With her sister gone, her runway goals unattainable, and her relationship with Doug over, Jazz found herself floundering. By the end of season four, she has found her feet with the help of her friends and a campus therapist and works with Doug to help her father turn his food truck into a physical business.

Doug nearly lost his friendship with Luca after he started dating his younger sister Kiela, a passionate activist who resented her brother trying to tell him who she could date. In the end, Luca and Doug came up with a solution, but Kiela dumped Doug after noticing that he clearly wasn’t done with Jazz.

In the season four finale, Zoey ended up traveling to New York alone, after Luca gave her AntiMuse and told her she could take the mark on her own. In her final scene, Zoe walks over to her brownstone in New York and walks inside, while Aaron pulls into a cab in front.

Everyone made peace with their decisions, Vivek re-enrolled in college while Ana decided not to go straight into a career in law and Nomi realized she could take her family to Yale. with her. Jazz and Doug ended on good terms, and Luca stayed true to himself, as usual.

Grown-ish Season 5 Speculations

Season five will (hopefully) follow Zoey after she graduates from Cal U and the adventures of the new circle she forms in New York. All we know for sure so far is that his brother Andre Jr (Marcus Scribner), who has been a black-ish regular from the start, will join the adult cast for season five.

At the end of the final episode of season four, Junior walks into a Cal U building wearing a school sweatshirt and struggles with the doors before entering. This seems like a hint that we’ll be following younger brother Johnson. trip to college too.

Kiela, Luca’s little sister and Doug’s ex-girlfriend, won’t be a sophomore at Cal U until next year. And if you follow the black-ish, you know Andre just broke up with his longtime girlfriend Olivia. Is it too early to say that I could see a romance blossom between these two?

For my part, I hope that some of the regulars of the adult series will make an appearance. Nomi, who was worried about choosing Yale and having to fight for her daughter with her baby-daddy Phil, is heading to Yale with him and Luna, so she won’t be too far from Zoey.

Also, Ana and Vivek are heading to Miami, so I don’t think it’s a stretch to think they could make at least one appearance in adult season five.

If you’ve seen the season four finale, you’ll know that Aaron, Zoey’s true love, was in New York City three months after graduation to visit Zoey. So if season five really follows part of his trip to New York, we should hopefully see more of him and their relationship.

adult trailer

The new season trailer is not yet available. Enjoy the final which took place with a bang!

Grown-ish Season 5 Cast

  • Yara Shahidi as Zoey Johnson
  • Marcus Scribner as Andre Johnson Jr.
  • France Raisa as Ana Torres
  • Emilie Arlook as Nomi Segal
  • Trevor Jackson like Aaron Jackson
  • Jordan Buhat as Vivek Shah
  • Luka Sabbath as Luca Hall
  • Chloe Bailey as Jazlyn Forster
  • Halle Bailey as Skyler Forster
  • Diggy Simmons like Doug

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